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July 6, 2014

Bringing fantasies to life with my SuperPowered smartphone

यात्रीगन कृपया ध्यान दे... आपके (Actually मेरे) सपनो को साकार करने वाले जादूयी Smartphone कि दुनिया में ले जाने वाला ये दूसरा और आखिरी Chapter है...अगर  आपने पहला chapter नही पढ़ा है तो यहां अपने Computer के पालतू चूहे (mouse) का इस्तेमाल करते हुए क्लिक कर सकते है...यहां Click Here

CAUTION!! Don't click anywhere for translating above paragraph! 

Super Powered Smartphone and funky fantasies

As you know I have talked about all the awesome SuperPowers I want to be present in my smartphone to turn my lifestyle better....Actually near to perfect...So in this post, I would rather talk about all the SuperPowers that might help me turn my dreams into reality, through a smartphone...Ready? J

I dream a lot...While awake, while asleep...I just do it all the time. The dreams with wide open eyes are constructive and goal oriented, which obviously require honest and equal efforts for their fulfillment. But, the dreams that are woven beneath closed eyelashes are little bit different, they are abstract...There are no constructive rules working behind them! So, they definitely have nothing to do with HardWork...They just need a magic wand to be completed. Well, that gives me a clear reason to dream of having SuperPowers that can do the needful!

SuperPower fantasy#1: Wireless integration of smartphone with my brain's dreamweaver app

Believe it or not, I see wonderful dreams. They are no less than the most adventurous flicks I have ever seen. Sometimes they are much better than those flicks...No, I am not flaunting...It happens...You don't believe me? Okay let's read about few of the latest dreams I have seen J

Dream#1- I jumped from a 90 feet cliff... No I am not kidding and swam midst of four crocodiles. Comeone! Don't call me फेकू yaa.. After all, it was just a dream, sheer imagination...But, you have to admit, it's interesting!

Dream#2- I was riding a bicycle in the air and travelling towards moon. How? Well the bicycle had parachute attached to it...A SPECIAL PARACHUTE that takes you upwards...उड़न खटोला समझ लो...Happy? Convinced?

Dream#3- I was traveling in a SPECIAL (mind you) special plane, which halts on every bus stand in the city so that यात्रीगन ahem passengers can get out and use the basic amenities...मूलभूत सुवीधाये such as सुलभ शौचलय and जल प्याऊ etc, available on Indian Bus Stands only J

Well, that's a hell of interesting content that deserves live recording and that's what I need a smartphone for. I need it so that I can make a library of all these ऊट पटांग dreams and enjoy their premier whenever I wish to. So, here's the wishlist for my Super Powered smartphone :)

Live recording of my dreams while I wander through a sound sleep, I want the magical smartphone to capture all the abstract images I see in my dreams. And, when I wake up, I wish to see all the recording in AVI or MOV format. 

Archives of all the dreams I see while sleeping, so that I can enjoy the show, whenever I wish to and show it to my friends and you guys too. थोड़ी समाज सेवा कर लेने में क्या बुराई है? There's no harm in doing little social service...right?

The Nightmares! Well, I need the records of darker side of my imaginations too! It will at least help me feel GOOD about all the POSTIVE things I have in my life. Imagine how interesting it would be when a smartphone would be able to turn me positive and optimistic. 

SuperPower fantasy#2: Smartphone that can migrate me to Cartoon World with its SuperPowers

Okay, this one is simple and doesn't involve any of my efforts, not even dreaming. I want a SuperPowered smartphone, which can safely take me to Cartoon World. I really really have been fan of cute cartoon characters. Whenever I used to see my favorite cartoon show during childhood days, I have had this fantasy of entering to their world, playing with them, talking to them and enjoying to the fullest. 

I am sure, a super smartphone will help me to enter to the world of my true childhood friends, who still make me feel that LIFE IS EASY J

That's all....Am I asking for too much?

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  1. Awesome work ! Keep going and connect with me on http://sweetsixteenalways.blogspot.se/

  2. Access to Dreams & Super Fantasy Cartoon world are cool, Priyu :)
    How we wish to have superpowers!
    Best wishes :)

  3. Loved it ! I too wish we could some how teleport ourselves into the sweet cartoon world :)


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