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July 21, 2014

It shouldn't have rained...

‘It shouldn't have rained today’ worried about the clothes she left on the railing outside, she thought to herself; but the rain didn't care about her worries, it continued throughout the day.

Sitting at the corner seat in bus, on the way back from her office, she thought of all the bad that rain had possibly done to her in this particular season; arrgh! How she hated those droplets falling down from the sky.

Traffic jams are quite common during heavy rainfall, which obviously added to her anxiety; pretending to look aloof from all the chaos happening inside her head, she stared outside the window.

Two street kids were busy in sailing their paper boats in the still waters of rain…For a tiny second few flashes from memory lane overtook the internal chaos…she suddenly recalled how much she loved rainy season.

And yes, this post is written for Five Sentence Fiction's prompt - RAIN


  1. A sweet one... I , too , love rainy season....a lot ..almost in love with rain ... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna..I too love rain very much :)

  2. Thanks Tina...Welcome to my blog

  3. how we grow up and start hating the very things we loved.
    This made me nostalgic.

  4. This is so true of the grown-ups...how we forget to enjoy little things in life!

  5. Yes, the traffic jams due to rains..urghh.. I so hate them. But nevertheless, there is a certain charm attached to rain. Somehow it makes things look and feel beautiful. Lovely take !!


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