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January 8, 2014

Zeroing the Zero Effect

The term Zero has been a nightmare for me. I was always afraid of Zero grades, Zero performance, Zero growth and anything that had Zero in it. People around me hated Zero! Why, because for them Zero was nothing.

I was lucky enough to change my definition of Zero in time and all thanks goes to my Dad. He first time introduced me to world’s biggest invention Zero, without which it was impossible to construct a bridge towards brighter future.

But, I was still firm about my doubt. “Dad, they say Zero means nothing. Then how can something that means nothing form a bridge to future? That too a brighter one!” I asked hesitantly!

Zero is nothing, if you see it at micro level, but it is beyond infinity, if you enlarge your scale of viewing it” Replied Dad! (Ah! Dads know everything!)

And, if you still consider Zero as Nothing, then also you can find a way to deal with it. Try Zeroing the Zero effect and you might just find what you are looking for.

  • Zero means nothing… So if you are standing at Zero level means you are neutral, if nothing’s good at your side, then nothing’s bad either. SO cheer up!
  • When you are at Zero… It means the choice is yours. You can rise towards positive or fall in the swamp of negativity.
  • And, Zero has interesting meaning when it comes to countdown. Like set the timer to reverse and try performing the task before the clock hits ZERO. Try it during workouts, it works wonders!
  • And, biggest ever thing to keep in mind, there is life AFTER ZERO as the entire counting begins after Zero, So don’t give up!


  1. Great post for Z and interesting ways of seeing zero. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. Thanks for stopping by and reading through Carver... Cheers to ABC Wed Team :)

  3. Nice take on Z ! Zee for Zero..the beginning of the end..

  4. Great take on Zero!!
    But if your look like a ZERO, time to hit the gym.
    SORRY!! :/

    1. Hehe..hitting the gym would be great if only the gym trainer isn't gay :p

  5. Hey, I did ZERO too!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday

    1. Thanks ROG.. will surely read your post too :)

  6. Must say an interesting post it is! (y)

  7. Awesome Picture on title background!...I got today's refreshment! n nice post :)

    1. I know its way too saturated but it gives me refreshment. i am glad you could connect to the same :)

  8. You are an inspiration Priyanka, the words you pen down are so honestly true ... time to change perhaps and dawn a new avatar, something like Mata Priyankeshwari :p

  9. Fascinating take on the word zero...I think Roger did this too so be sure to read his take on it.

    abcw team

  10. Wow... this was so interesting.


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