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January 1, 2014

Lets Transport to a New Year...New Year Wishes

Alrighty! I have packed my bag… My bike is ready and I am transporting myself into a New Year.
Do you wanna know what is in my bag that is going to be transported with me to the next year…
Okiee.. You all are my lovingly beloved blog buddies and readers, so you deserve to know… Here goes the list:
  • Memories
  • Few Dreams
  • A Camera
  • Smiles
  • Books
  • Diaries & pens
  • Beautiful Experiences 
  • Lessons 
  • Hopes
  • Strength
  • Promises
  • Good Health
  • To do list
  • Music
  • Friends (That’s you)
  • & this blog for sure!
Wish you all a great and delightful year ahead! Lets ride to the future! 2014 IS HERE!


  1. Uncle Chand is waiting for you to click him. Let's give him a chance ;-) and ask the very very very best to you Pocket Wonder in your life everyday ever and for ever


    1. Thanks a bunch G... Wish you a great year ahead :)

  2. Happy new year to you Priyanka..have a beautiful year ahead..:-)

  3. Happy new yr, baby... Can I ride with you? ;)

  4. Happy transporting, but follow traffic rules ... ride on the left side of the road, not the right :-P

    1. I am gonna fly to future.. There's no traffic in the air :)

  5. Quite a wonderful list this one :)

    Happy New Year darling! May you be blessed :)

    1. Thanks Soumya.. Loads of love and wishes for you too ^_^

    2. May this year bring a new definition of fun in your life :)

  6. Happy New Year. Nice things to carry on to 2014! By the way did you click that photo?


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