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Meet the Princess

January 13, 2014

Where is Love

“Home, office, market, shopping…Life’s racing too high! No halt, no time” She said hopelessly, putting the groceries on the table.

“Calm down sweetheart” He said in a gentle tone, helping her to unpack the grocery bags.

“You want me to calm down? Our life has turned so boring, we don’t go out anymore, we are not at all the
same, everything is a mess and you want me to calm down” She almost yelled, and continued, “You have changed, a lot. Where’s the fun and joy that used to be center point of our life, WHERE IS LOVE”

“Hush-Hush! Love is smiling at us right away!” He held her hand gently and pointed out towards their little baby boy, smiling at the couple gently.

Image Source-www.babieswallpaper44.blogspot.com

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  1. This is superbly cute ... I read it thrice, itna lovely hai :-)

  2. This is as cute as the baby smiling in the picture. :')

  3. Aww.. so cute , so sweet...really it is the greatest existence of love on earth for parents.

  4. beautiful, cute and lovely!


    1. Thanks for your cute momment iNumeroUnity :)

  5. How I missed this one?

    Splendid is the word

    - G

  6. very cute indeed. :)

    I love your blog picture and its pink colour.

    *Following your blog* :)


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