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January 12, 2014

The Hair Fall Saga: Rushing for Recharge


“How short ma’am?” The hairdresser puts his question in low tone, snipping the scissors bleakly, next to my left ear.

Staring deep in the salon mirror I numbly gesture towards my ear, using my index finger to explain the length of hair I want to keep on my head.

Swirling his fingers through my curls, he coldly twists them around a thin comb and snips the scissors recurrently.  This makes me too nervous, my numb heart pops a beat and I close my eyes to hold my panic.
Snip…Snip! I exhale a poignant sigh, realizing that I have been holding my breath for long. Blinking my eyes softly, I look down to the floor, trying hard to embrace the humiliation that had been killing me softly and now has started wrathfully.

The hairdresser continues his job and my still eyes targeted to the floor capture the glimpses of curly hair locks lying dead. I cannot take this anymore and close my eyes. The snipping of scissors stops and I finally walk out of the salon, eyeing straight on the road, I walk. Wind blows heavily through my naked ears since the hair-locks that would veil them are missing.

These blows of air would sound playful and familiar earlier. They would play with my long shiny hair-locks and make me feel alive & happy. But now, I feel lifeless as I have just lost the most beautiful belonging of mine-My long curly beautiful hair. Flouting the tears flowing down, I walk mortified. The glimpses of my dead curl locks rolling on the salon floor remind me of Samson and Delilah that I read in my school book long-long ago.

Image Source-www.bible-library.com

Reading this expert will surely make you think why this heart drenching tale to explain a routine salon affair? Ah! I wish it was a routine salon affair. There were days when I would visit salon to get my hair pampered, styled and nurtured. Hair massage, hair spa, trimming and hair cut were the usual things I would go for. But CUTTING MY LOCKS OFF MY HEAD? It was a big deal man! My heart bled.



Tragedy tales need not to have a tragic beginning of course! So the beginning is very bright of this entire FLASH BACK Story. Don’t get confuse, read on.

I was lucky enough to born with shiny black 2.5 inches long, thick curly hair. My mother caressed my hair beautifully because it was exact combo of her and dad’s hair she wanted. Yes, curls and length were fetched from Mom and softness was from Dad’s genes.

This was the reason they still have my first hair treasured that were shaved off in my tonsorial ceremony.
My hair weren’t like Rapunzel’s hair, strong enough to shine in the dark and heal the hurt. But, they were much better I bet. Beautiful enough to catch anyone’s attention around, playful enough to enhance my face’s appeal.

I loved my hair and the way people would entangle in them. Well, who doesn’t like attention? My long, curly hairs have been the major reason behind all the compliments I have ever received from known unknown people.

Metros, subways, accelerators, malls and any other social gather, would never go without people praise my hair and trying to touch my hair and find out if the curls were real or artificial.

Image source-Weheartit.com

I enjoyed this attention but as they say, life has its own twists & turns. As soon as I was lucky enough to get a job, my bad hair day started. Phew!

I had turned into the pendulum between ‘Failing to wake up early and rushing to hit the biometric attendance machine on time’. The metro rush added to it. People would take my hair locks with them while walking out of the train. This made me arrest my hair in a bun.

The bun would save the snatching of locks, but surely locked & jailed my pretty locks! They weren’t free to play along with the hair blows and this was it.

I could sense the sadness that had entered my hair-locks and they stopped talking to me. They didn’t bother to make me feel good anymore and soon the HAIRFALL started.

Hair loss is something I have always been afraid of…. But continuous ignorance, lack of care and loads of stress led me to COMPLETE HAIR DISCHARGE! All the energy was gone and I was left with nothing but hopelessness.

And, this hopelessness left me with NO OPTION but TO CUT DOWN MY HAIR.

But, this is not acceptable. I cannot bear this gradual downfall in energy of my hair. This surely calls for a hair recharge!
Why Do I want to recharge my hair?: An Excerpt

  • To overcome the trauma that my hair and heart suffered through in salon.
  • To bring back the magical strength of my hair that would turn all the faces around.
  • To RELIVE the moments where WIND TICKLED my hairs and played with my locks.
  • Like Samson in that story, I strongly believe my hairs are my strength, so I would surely want to recharge them and keep them Happy.
  • To make sure my hair are long enough that I can wear backless tops without carrying a shrug **Winks**
  • To veil the nakedness of my ear, so that I can filter the useless talks and keep them away from entering my head through the ear passage!

Enough? Do you still need some more reasons?

Okie.. I will give you one on your special demand. I want to recharge my hair that if by any chance, I get a Horse (or may be SCOOTY) to ride on, I will definitely want to make sure that my hair are alive and recharged enough to fly with the air gracefully. And of course, they don’t get too tangled to transport me to the hair cutting session again.

Image source-Google Images

PS: Recharging here nowhere means plugging in SOME SORT OF CHARGER and flowing director or alternative current through your hair (Issues in Public Interest by A QUIRKY MIND) HalaLuaaa! Hell Yeah!!!
Image source-Google Images

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  1. Thanks quirky mind ;)
    All pictures are too funny, all the best fr the contest :)

  2. Contest ke liye likhna toh koi tumse seekhe ... u r too good with imaginations ... awesome :-)

  3. Okay! The prologue was really good. I enjoyed the story as well. And finally the shock laga walla photo issued in public interest; had a good laugh. I recalled an old TV ad for switches... Totally, I enjoyed your post.. Good luck for the contest.

    PS: I have subscribed to your blog. Now I can read your posts in my inbox :)

    Someone is Special

    1. Thanks for this tiny detailed review of this post. And also thanks for subscribing to may blog. Shall do the same with your blog :)

  4. The pictures are so apt with the post . I like the coinage Hair Homicide :-)..

    Best of luck dear for the contest ..

  5. A breezy post ...All the best for the contest :)

  6. its really a very good & fun way of representing the stuff in pics, also the best hair fall solutions refereed


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