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Meet the Princess

January 4, 2014

Reflection of Love in Rear View Mirror

He never understood the idea behind girls painting their nails with orange nail polish; In fact any shade of nail polish. He hated it! Then why he fell for a girl with orange nails? This confusion was even bigger than the previous one.

He revered every moment when she would sit behind him on his motorcycle and place her orange-painted nails on his shoulders. A spark of electricity would blow up his brain every time. The urge to propose her would go wilder but certainly not powerful enough to deal with the fear of losing her.

Yes, it was fear of losing her that kept his mouth shut all these years and they were just friends.

But today something incredible happened. She placed her chin softly on his shoulder, giving him almost heart-attack and asked gently, “Do you believe mirror tells the truth”

Too fascinated to understand the question and answer rationally he spoke, “Yes I do”

“So how about this rear view mirror, is it telling the truth” She uttered gently.

He instantly looked at the rear mirror and something stunned him inside. The bike came to a screeching halt.
“Much Closer” He smiled.

It was awesome to see his love blossoming. Indeed, love has the power to shine out, no matter how dark are the shades of fear. 

The bike stood alone when they melted in each other's arms. The rear view mirror winked because it new "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" 

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  1. loved the blog...beautiful blog.... And good take on the prompt too.... blossoming love...

  2. Beautiful. But the beginning could've been a bit crisper



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