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January 5, 2014

Love Grandma

Today, on 5th January, I think of the lady, who introduced me with fairytales... And all i want to do is write her a letter, which is due for years...

Dear Grandma...


It has been 15 years since i saw you. Once day you disappeared to never return back. I was told that you have shifted to a new and better world. A world, from where no one comes back...They told me you were transported to a new world, which is far above from earth...

I wondered for months that how could it be possible. You never even went to bathroom without discussing it with me then going to another world and that too with no return ticket? It was tough to survive without you. Nights were longer without your fairytales, food didn't taste earthy without your herbs and a lot changed because you were not there...!

I yearned for you, cried for you and one day asked Dadda about your returning back... He gently placed my palm on my own heart and said that you haven't gone anywhere.. you have just got the special powers to dissolve yourself into invisible particles and inhabited inside our hearts forever...

I touched my heart and felt the warmth that only hugging you could offer.

It as 5th January 1999 and after 15 years, I still feel the warmth... I know you are here and will be forever...

But still I miss you. I missing seeing your beautiful face, those deep eyes, I miss listening to your voice and I miss the hugs that we shared...

Stay in heaven, collect beautiful stories and do visit my dreams some day and whisper them in my ears...Grandma..




  1. I am so close to my grandma. The only person I truly love.
    This post got my teary.

    1. Grandparents are biggest blessing from God...

  2. Never goes a day without missing you 'Buddhi Maaa', Oh! God not able to write further...

    1. This post would remain incomplete without your remark on it Bro...
      Love you

  3. She is with you, and will always be there :-)


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