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Meet the Princess

April 8, 2014

And Piu Meets Mother Nature: The Step Mom Secret

“Mommy!!!! Mommaaaaa!!” Piu’s back home from school.

Mom could hear her tiny footsteps marching through the lobby, and then the familiar sound of her throwing the water bottle first and then the lunch box in either the sides of lobby. And, the little lady walked up with grace, unloading the not-so-heavy school bag from her delicate shoulders preaching again, “Mommy!!!! Mommy where are ya?”

Mom was effortlessly distracted from the laundry and walked out to hug her little princess… In the middle of the hug, Piu bombed a new question, “Mommy, who is Mother Nature?”

“Mother Nature, well she is….”

“Don’t tell me she is my step mom!!!” Piu pretends to raise an eyebrow.

“Who introduced you to the term step mom??...”

Before mommy could overcome this surprise li’l lady interrupts again, “Well, that’s not a point of discussion here… Don’t tell me you guys hiding something from me?  Wait, is she Dad’s second wife? Is dad married to Nature too?” This seriousness of li’l lady was turning too cute to handle…!

Trying to control her laughter, Mommy managed to speak out, “Baby there’s nothing like that…”

And the cute interruption stroke again, “I can smell something fishy going under my nose” and she did that nose twisting thing vaguely.

Mommy’s mouth fell open. She was still stuck with the astonishment that what introduced her daughter to the term step mom and now she had to three new words to worry about-Dad’s second wife, Something Fishy & Of course Under My Nose!

Now asking the wise little lady was the only way out…

“What happened, my love, tell me in detail…” Mommy surrendered!

“I and Rhea were plucking flowers from the plant in school and Rangoli miss punished us…” Piu was excellent in delivering that balloon faced expression with her cute cheeks.

“Ah! Why were you plucking flowers?”

“Just like that, and then I was chasing that blue butterfly and kicked a flowerpot with my feet and it was broken into pieces mom”


“Then teacher asked me to stand on the table for 10 minutes and I denied”


“Because plucking flowers, chasing butterflies and breaking flowerpot is not crime” Affirmation in those big eyes.

“Crime..Oh! She is also familiar with this word…” Mommy mumbled to herself!

“And then teacher looked at me and said that I had no respect for my mother nature and I should learn to show some” Piu continued advocating her point.

“Wait Wait Wait Honey!... I really need to ask who teaches you about second wife, step mother, under the nose, fishy, crime and stuff life that… BUT first, I need to introduce you to Mother Nature!” Mommy held Piu’s hand and walked her to the garden area…

Curious Piu walked obediently.

“Look at the surrounding, the blooms, the trees, the plants, the air, the sunshine, the grass, everything is Mother Nature…” Mommy explained animatedly!

“Really!!” Piu was amazed and interested to know more…

“Yes, Nature is mother of us all… She is the one, who has created this world and made it look so beautiful…The sea, the mountains, the forests, rain, fog, everything….”

“Then why can’t I see her in person?”


“Where does she live?”

“She is...actually invisible…mmm no rather present in the air…”

“Mommy, get your concepts cleared first, nothing’s invisible except smell and air, but still we can feel them”
Piu was sure she knew more than Mommy..

“I know but let me explain it in a better way…”

“Yawwn! Enough of information for today Mommy, I am hungry and thank God this nature thing is not married to Dad, otherwise you two would have busy in filing a divorce…” Piu walked inside…her slow lazy walk!

Mommy stood still, her mouth fell open, still wondering that how does she know about DIVORCE! But anyways, Mommy’s concern was to introduce her little wonder to the most wonderful person ever…Yes Mother Nature… And she was determined to do it...Anyhow!

While feeding her cute baby doll, Mommy announced, “I will be introducing you to Mother Nature soon… Be ready to meet Mr. & Mrs. Papaya, since you know what ‘step’ means, so Step Brothers-Apples & Pineapple, eligible bachelor Pomegranate, Banana Brothers and many more…”

Piu jumped in Joy, after all, she loved stories!

To Be Continued...

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