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April 16, 2014

He, Me and तबेला

Imagine how would you feel, when you dream of your favourite music sensation and in that dream he is asking you to lend him 50 rupees? And worst part of the dream is that you are more concerned about the chances of getting that money back, you lent rather than taking an autograph from him.

Sounds cheesy right! But, it happened with me. First and foremost, let me declare that I won’t disclose name of that superstar, who came into my dream. (As you all know, I just want to keep away from media rumours and Page3 News…Uh-Oh!) So, I will name him Supesta throughout this post.

If anyone would ask you that what would be your dream sequence, any dreamy lady would think of Switzerland, London, Paris, Italy or at least Malaysia; And, I really didn’t understand what made me dream of a stable. Anyways, ignore the buffaloes that I noticed there, they didn’t matter much. Since I had no idea what I was doing in a stable full of livestock, I rushed to walk out and suddenly noticed my Supesta walking towards me.

Image Source: www.picship.com

Fish! I was so embarrassed to meet him like this! He has travelled the entire world for concerts and making new music videos and I got to meet him in that bloody तबेला (Stable)! Life is so unfair. I was cursing life for being so mean and suddenly an odd thought entered my mind…

“What if he sees me standing by this तबेला and decides himself that I work here! Oh no, my life will be finished..Grrrrrr!”

I knew that तबेला did not belong to me. I also had no clue how did I reach there and why! So, I took a deep breath and decided to explain my situation to my Supesta, who was still walking slowly towards me or may be the तबेला.

Breathe in…Breathe out…Ufffff! Okay, my over creative brain started to weave a confession that I was innocent and had no direct or indirect relationship with तबेला. Meanwhile, heart kept poking its nose in mind’s matters.

“Psst, just tell him I am crazy about him” It was heart obviously.

“”Just shut up and let me think” Mind under pressure!

“You are so selfish and you always think of social status. Love is blind. Love doesn’t care about money and status. And remember you cunning brain, I beat for Supesta, not for you” Heart never stops arguing..ever! Does it?

“Arrggghh…Let me think…” Before mind could complete its sentence, prepare a तबेला confession or successfully shut the heart up, Supesta had interrupted.

“Excuse me…” It was Supesta. Exotic enough to make my heart sink and brain go crazy!

But, dreams are illusions and illusions are temporary. Next moment, the castle of exotic dreams was perished by a nonsense dialogue that so called Supesta uttered, “बहन जी 50 का छुट्टा मिलेगा; Sis, do you have 50 rupees change?”

What! That moron just asked me for 50 rupees change! I mean he is a super star music sensation? Wow! Recession has treated everyone equal. Before, I could complete my economic analysis, I was interrupted again.

“Please check your pockets, I need to give it to Rickshaw” It was him again!

“What a shame!. He is a superstar and he travels in a Rickshaw and that too by borrowing money from a gorgeous looking girl (standing in तबेला) and worst, he called me a बहन जी”

But still, he had been my favourite so long (till that moment of course) so I checked in my pockets. I was still worried that I would be embarrassed if there was no money in my wallet. His bright luck, I found 100 Rupees कड़क नोट! I extended the money towards him with pride and he grabbed it without gratitude.

Without saying Thankyou or anything, he ran towards the rickshaw, sat on it and flew away! What! I just lost 100 rupees to a person, who used to be my favourite singing sensation just a few moments ago.

Now what I worried about was my 100 rupees. He asked for 50 and I gave me 100….How stupid I am. Moron!

Image source: veraontheverge.wordpress.com

And suddenly a voice over played in the background, I turned in astonishment and was overwhelmed to see a buffalo uttering, “Investments are subject to market risk…Read the scheme related documents carefully before…..”

Image Source-www.dreamstime.com

Arrggghh!! Aaaaa!!! I jumped in shock! It took me an hour to realise I have been going through a weird dream! Some investment news played on the TV managed to sneak into my brain at the right moment and merged with the dream.

Ah! What a beautiful thing Brain is!


  1. Hahahhahhah! Perfect timing of that advertisement.

    I can't even imagine your plight in the dream.. Supesta asking for 50Rs change! xD

  2. heheheheh chalo your musical sensation is not affection by recession. It was just a dream :D

  3. :D brain is really beautiful indeed :D lovely :D d way u penned :D

    1. Thanks Sachin..I am glad it made you laugh :D


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