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Meet the Princess

April 9, 2014

And Piu Meets Mother Nature: Little Saint

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Piu woke up early that day and walked straight to the kitchen. Hugging Mom cutely, she spoke, "Mom, I met Mother Nature last night"

Her husky cute voice made Mommy kiss her cheeks and ask affectionately, "How come honey?"

"She came into my dream...And she was so beautiful."

"Really! Did you enjoy meeting her? What did she say?"

"I loved being with her...She cuddled me and talked to me for hours. You know what Mommy, she looked ditto like you. Same to Same"

"Oh really, How sweet" Mom was absolutely delighted.

"Yes, you and Mother Nature share the same face. But she wears different kind of outfits and jewelry. She was all wrapped in green, blue, pink, red, yellow and other beautiful colors. She had her body covered with grass, leaves, petals and flowers. She wore flower made and fruit made jewelry. And Water was her scarf. She had long hair, big eyes and beautiful lips like you.." Piu was all busy in expressing exactly what she saw in her dream.


"Yes Mommy and she kissed me, hugged and asked me to take care of every plant, every creature and be nice to the surroundings. I promised her to water plants every day, grow more plants and never pluck flowers and leaves. I will play in garden and make mud pies rather than watching TV."

"Oh My God! What else did she tell you?" Mommy was curious like a kid.

"She told me that Nature is everything. Everything fruits, veggies, trees, water, air, soil and plants and flowers and everything is Mother Nature...Even earth too. I will take care of the surroundings while doing everything because surroundings is Nature. You are Nature. I am Nature...Right Mommy"

Mom kissed Piu and patted her back for such a wonderful portrayal of Nature. She was amazed to see the power of imagination. All she had to do was do the initial ignition and rest was meant to be taken care of by itself. And she was glad that she started with the fruity tales and successfully introduced her child with Nature and its vastness.

Mommy had no clue that she would meet li'l SAINT Piu early that morning. This made her laugh in amazement!

And of course she was in tears to know the fact that nothing can replace Mother's face in her child's heart... That's why Piu found Mother Nature's face similar to her mommy...

Now Since Piu was aware that Mother Nature paid attention to her and now it was her turn to pay back Mother Nature with her regular practices to keep the environment clean, water the plants, be careful towards trees, grass and everything that has been created by Prakriti (Mother Nature) itself, Mom was relaxed. But, she knew that there's was a long way to go. She had to introduce to her little baby with thousands of wonderful components of Nature...

Mommy knew a life will fall short while exploring the depths and ends of Nature. But, she knew it was her duty to discover as much as she could for her daughter and rest she will leave on her daughter to discover on her own...Some of the topics that she had to tell stories about, were-How sun shines, the cool moon, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and rain, fog and seasons and what not! After all, everything was Mother Nature!

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