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Meet the Princess

April 8, 2014

And Piu Meets Mother Nature: The Fruit Story

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Previous Chapter

Mom knew it was the time to shift the bed time stories from fairy tales to stories about Mother Nature.
Piu was already in bed, waiting for mommy to come in and introduce her to all the interesting fruity characters. Ah Kids, they are always curious and punctual when it comes to bedtime stories.

And, Mom Began...

"One night, when you and Daddy were asleep, I heard people talking in cute voices."

Piu settled down with her little frog pillow to show her curiosity. Mom Continued, "First I thought it was an illusion, but the voices continued to come. I tried to sleep, but nothing helped. I was constantly distracted by those frail voices."

"Were you afraid Ma, why didn't you wake me up" Piu interrupted.

"You were enjoying your sleep honey, so I decided to go out and check by myself. As I walked out of the room and followed the direction of voices, I found out that the voices were coming from Kitchen. And as I entered in the kitchen, it was so clear that someone was talking inside the refrigerator"

"Its a ghost story and you promised that there will be some fruity stuff" Piu was worried and her cute pouty expressions conveyed it well.

"Hush, don't break the flow honely, listen further. As I sat down and placed my ear and refrigerator's door, what I heard was amazing. Some frail voices were talking about you...All nice and beautiful things about you... "

"About me" Piu's face lit up with Joy...

"Yes, and all that I could hear was--Piu is one bright and intelligent kid. Mother Nature has created us to boost her health, mind and body. We should do our best to keep this wonderful kid healthy. After all, Mother Nature loves her so much." Mom continued with her animated expressions.

"Wow" Piu was overwhelmed, after all who doesn't like to be praised, specially ladies.

"And, then I couldn't wait to open the door. But, as I did, all the fruits were surprised and little afraid too..."

"Fruits" Piu's eyes were wide open in astonishment. "Fruits were talking about me Mamma?"

"Yes My Dear and Then I met, Mr. & Mrs. Papaya, Step Brothers-Apples & Pineapple, eligible bachelor Pomegranate, Banana Brothers and Many More.."

"Wow, Tell me about them...Let's go and meet them now... Please! Let's hear them talking about me" Kids are to handle when they are restless.

"No...Promise me that you won't panic and wait for the next chapter of this story unfold the new things. Remember once I told you patience is the key?" Mom was firm.

Piu was too curious to spoil the entire mood of the story, so she decided to wait until tomorrow. She kissed Mom and smiled.

"Sleep tight Honey, and remember Mother Nature Loves you, so love her back" Said Mommy with affection.

Piu looked at the stars outside the window and waited for next night to come soon.

To Be Continued...Read Next Entry Here

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