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Meet the Princess

April 9, 2014

And Piu Meets Mother Nature: The Fruit Story Continues...

Hey, landed up straight here? No problem! Read the previous chapters here and then come back to enjoy this one...

Chapter 1: And Piu Meets Mother Nature: The Step Mom Secret
Chapter 2: And Piu Meets Mother Nature: The Fruit Story

Piu was early on the bed that night. She had no interest in watching TV with dad. She so wanted to dig through the fruit story...

"Mom, I stood by the refrigerator many times today, But I heard no voices..." She asked cutely as Mom entered the room with glass of milk.

"Kids can't hear fruits talking. Only elders can" Mom wanted to get away with the question before Piu could made it really challenging for her to answer it.

"Oh I see, same as we can't see big people kissing?, anyways continue with the story" Piu uttered these words too innocently to make mommy feel worried. She rather kissed her little daughter's cheeks and continued with the story.

"Well, I told the fruits that I was Piu's Mother and I wanted to talk to them. I asked them for an introduction and they looked back at me with a smile..."

Piu's bright lit eyes could explains she own a brilliant power to imaginate things beautifully.

"Two yellow gentlemen initiated the process...They removed a little of their jacked and sang melodiously,

Covered with yellow, white within
When Piu will eat us, she won't remain weak or thin
Filled with Vitamins and minerals
Sweet and pulpy, we are banana brothers...

And Then, Mr. & Mrs. Papaya stepped forward,

Mother Nature made us sweet and pulpy
Ask Piu to eat us and her stomach will never be bulky
I am Papaya and she is my wife
We are at your service, just bring up the knife

Now, It was Apple Brother's turn,

Howdy, Apples are here
So no worries about health troubles, nothing to fear
Meet pineapple, tangy and healthy
Everyone says, he belongs to THE APPLE family
We don't understand, why is this all big fuss
Even when this fruit, doesn't look like us

Next was Pomegranate...

Hi fair lady, I am Pomegranate
A fruit no one can ever hate
I shall boost up iron and blood in your baby's body
I am the eligible bachelor in the town, I am love of every beautiful lady

And now pears...

Hi there
Healthy and green we are here
Meet my wife and me
May your family always be ailment free

And then all the fruits and veggies in the refrigerator altogether sang...

We are created by Mother Nature
For you, For Piu, for Every creature
Like she invented you,
She invented us too
Eat us, don't throw us
Protect the trees, they grow us
There are more, fruits and veggies
Waiting always to be at your service
Love us like we love you
Mother Nature cares for you, Oh its true...!"

Piu listened to this entire melodramatic story with her mouth open. She was so amazed to see fruits singing and jingling in her imagination. She suddenly found a whole new world around her, a world she never noticed...She hugged Mommy and kissed her cheeks.

"We will grow more and more trees...I love you Mommy"

Mommy kissed her angel too and wished her a good night with beautiful dreams. It was time to go to the bed...

To Be Continued...Read Next Entry Here

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  1. hey that's an interesting story I would like to tell my son too. :-)


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