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February 21, 2016

Peppy Planning

Post 5 for IndiMarathon-All the experiences I explored from this marathon

Plans fail. Plans work out. But, plans at least give you a sense of doing something. If you have a roadmap, you can definitely try and go ahead to do what seems impossible to complete right now. I have my strategies lined up, the milestones are set. But, to hope from one milestone to another, I need a peppy and motivating plan. I need to incorporate things in my routine, which help me to enjoy this experience even more.

Because, the plan is to achieve each and every step that I take ahead for this marathon and if I fail to do so, there’s no point of participation.

My father always says, enjoy what you do and do it with full energy and enthusiasm. Since I am running a blog marathon right now, so I want to make sure that it doesn’t turn boring for me at any level. Hence, it is the time to do some peppy planning and enjoy the journey. Here we go!

Eat & Celebrate

The super duper exciting thing is that this is a blog marathon. As in you are running with words, hence there is no constraint on what you eat! Wow! This is awesome. I can sit here, much whatever I want to and enjoy running the marathon. Wuhuuu! I like such things, where there are no food restrictions. So here is the list of all what I am planning to munch and sip enjoy during the marathon:

·         Chips, of course
·         Nachos with cheese and tomato dip
·         French fries
·         Muffin
·         Juice
·         Chocolates
·         Candies

Wooah! What a marathon man, I can eat whatever I want to cause my words are running on my behalf.

The ambience

Since I am privileged enough to run a marathon while sitting in a room, I would choose to have an ambience. Surroundings which bring the best of my thoughts and keep me inspired enough to run until I cross all the milestones. Give me some scented candles, some soothing fragrance of fresh flowers and peaceful surroundings with cushions and curtains to make it look more exciting.

Music: Run Lola Run

The most important part of peppy planning for blog marathon is music. It is impossible to run without music and it is impossible to blog without music. There has to be right music to keep me going. Music has the power to transport you to a new era. It takes you to the zone, where you discover the beauty of invisible energies, the internal inspiration and motivation, the healing and the ability to carry on, even when there is no energy left in you.

So  it is the time to list down the music and preferences, which are going to be with me throughout the journey of blog marathon. 

 This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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