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February 21, 2016

Five Elements: Fantastico, Impact, Peppy, Music, Navigation

Post 2 for IndiMarathon-All the experiences I explored from this marathon

As I begin to discover about five different elements, which define the Zica-new car by Tata, I interestingly find a co-relation of the same with five elements of human body.

Okay, maybe that’s only me or someone else could relate it like this but imagine- Fantastico, Impact, Peppy, Music and Navigation are five things that make this car ready to offer you a remarkable driving experience every time you try it. Similarly, human body is made out of five elements-Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Void. With all of these present in one human body, excellent performance of the body is ensured.

Now that I have to weave my story around the five elements of ZICA and for that I have to use my body made out of FIVE distinct elements mentioned above, I would choose to go ahead with a strategy.

Since it is a blog marathon so there has to be a series of posts. But, I would like to create milestones on the blog marathon track and achieve them. Confused? Let me explain it better:

The Strategy

There are five elements- Fantastico, Impact, Peppy, Music, Navigation, so I will consider each of them as a milestone.

I will write 1 post each element and try and cover all the learning and experiences through the same.
To run and keep running without any fear of failure, without any pressure of success, you need to deal with certain things. I will be talking about all those things in my blog marathon posts. Here are some of the highlighted ones:

·         Fighting with fear
·         Dealing with doubts
·         Channelizing energies
·         Utilizing knowledge
·         Experiencing failure
·         Churning out creativity
·         Keeping up the motivation

Life is a marathon

For me, life is a marathon and at each pit-stop or at each milestone, you learn something. Why life is marathon? Why not a race or not a walk? Well, race is generally a rush to reach to the finishing line, walk is little too relax. Life has its own pace of introducing new things, new people and new situations to you; life just not examines you for your speed but also examines you for your stamina. Hence, it is a marathon.

You keep on running; you keep on crossing milestones, building your own milestones and keep learning. You may not reach to the finishing line or you may not succeed at every step, but at every step you learn. Therefore, I would be sharing what all I have learnt during my blog’s marathon for this exciting contest.  

The idea is to think beyond the given challenges, lay down my milestones and work on them. It’s a marathon, everlasting, never-ending!

Milestone 1 FANTASTICO
Milestone 2 IMPACT
Milestone 3 PEPPY
Milestone 4 MUSIC
Milestone 5 NAVIGATION

Here we go!

 This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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