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June 18, 2015

The valuable लुत्फ Joy of Lufthanza's Premium Economy Class

No one is a born bargainer, life makes you one! This saying is very much true about every middle class Indian's life. Wondering why? It is because we are raised that way. We wait for Monday Markets to fill up your refrigerator with a whole week's veggies and fruit stock, we wait for Wednesday sale at supermarkets to buy entire month's groceries and we SET REMINDERS in our phones to jump into the BIG SALE CARNIVALS of ONLINE SHOPPING platforms. 

Bargaining is in our blood.Period.

What? Why? How? Let's learn more about it.



"Bargaining is an excellence, a quality and skill that one practices to get more things in lesser money. The skill can be practiced everywhere, ranging from a sabji-wala thela (Vegetables Hawker) to Supermarket & shopping malls."

~A Bargainer Him(her)self~

Bargaining equation aka mathematical formula of bargaining

The efforts put together for bargaining+bargainer's cheesy dialogues/theek theek laga lo=Actual price of product-(Forcefully attained discount)+sellers cheese dialogues/na apka na mera

Theek theek laga lo (Give me the right price dude!) and Na apka na mera (Let's fix a price that suits both of us) are the constant elements throughout the equation.


Why Bargaining is Favorite of almost every Indian?

For us, paying a little less for something extra is the absolute method of experiencing value. When you pay for something, which is not bringing value addition to our lives, then we feel dissatisfied and disconnected. To avoid that situation, which virtually suffocates us, we practice the act of bargaining, asking for more in lesser prices and that's how we strive to achieve that bliss. 


The common ways of practicing bargaining

Bargaining is ingested in genes and habits of an Indian Individual since the day he/she is born. Parents always make sure that valuing things & money is ingested in upbringing practices for their kids to ensure that they learn to spend their money smartly. 

For us, bargaining is not a practice to act cheap, but it is a method to value things, value the money you are spending and an art to get more and pay less.

Here are the common ways of practicing Value Shopping AKA Bargaining:

  • Theek theek laga lo (Give me the right price dude!) 
  • Ask the price. bargain a little. walk away if the shopkeeper doesn't agree. He will call you!
  • Be confident. Quote the half price of what the seller has told you.
  • Look for discounts.
  • Ask for free gifts.
  • Practice this dialogue-I shop always from your store only! I am a regular and permanent customers.
  • Try this-What do you think yours is the only shop in the town? 
  • This one is killer-I am never coming to your store again. Ever!
  • You can't beat this-Please discount de do (Please give me some discount)

Delhi, A bargainer's paradise

Delhi, the national capital of India is famous for not only India Gate, Qutub Minar, Parliament, Lal Quila and Lotus Temple but also for its amazing flea markets. Sarojini, Janpath, Palika and Lajpat Nagar markets are a perfect platform for tricky sellers and bargaining expert buyers to meet and crack a deal. 

Breaking the stereotypes

After reading this, if you still think that people practice this only in flea markets or online deal stores, then its the time to break stereotypes!

You would always find people looking for the special discount offers while booking their plane tickets. Wooah! Gone are the days when travelling by plane was luxury and only rich people could afford it. Nowadays, you find amazing discounts on economy class travelling options by air.

Wait. If you think that there is no value in travelling THE ECONOMY CLASS then you got to check Premium Economy By Lufthansa. It is a class apart experience with the value addition of value pricing. Who on the earth wouldn't want it. Especially an Indian brain,which is all trained to value the value pricing the most, but without compromising on the quality of whatever you are buying in return. 

There is a very common word for Indians to define extravagant comfort and joy-Its Lutfh लुत्फ and Lufthanza sounds close. If we break the word into two-Lufth-Anzaa. SO when you take a flight in Lufthanza's premium economy class, you can certainly cherish the लुत्फ of being on a world class journey through the clouds and feel like flying on a cozy and gorgeous chariot loaded with luxuries that are valuable but come in value prices.

Craving to explore more about Lufthanza's premium economy? Watch this video:

When you bargain, the idea is to get little more for the same price you pay. That is what Lufthansa's newly launched Premium Economy Class is all about. You get

  • More comfort, 
  • More relaxation and 
  • More entertainment
  • And a lot more
Click here to explore more about Lufthanza's Premium Economy

This post is my official entry to Lufthanza's Premium Economy contest organized by Indiblogger.


  1. Loved your attempt to link Lufthansa and Lutf! Hmmm... bloggers come up with interesting analogies.
    All the best for the contest.

    Arvind Passey

  2. I was wonderign what does lutf mean? Got to know through your article. All the best.



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