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June 15, 2015

Puppets Break Free

Music and dance are like soulmates! Both go hand in hand to bring ultimate joy to your body, mind and soul. When body moves and music reaches out to the farthest strings of the soul, nothing but happiness sprouts from each and every bit of your existence. Therefore, you, I, she, he, they, everyone is always in awe of music and dancing.

To ignite your soul, you should always be open to dance to the beats, rules or no rules, moving your body always helps. But, when trained yet rebellious sings and dancers come together to a single platform, you get to witness magic. Magic that leaves your senses refreshed and unbound from every stress. Imagine the power of music and dance that when you see someone performing it in front of your eyes, you feel so stress free.

That’s why when I am asked to imagine a situation, where Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchandani are jamming together and the man is dancing on rebellious beats created by the lady, I let my mind’s horses run, run wild in almost every direction because by God’s grace, imaginations are free! You just need to pay a little time in return and you can enjoy watching a hell of powerful shows inside your mind.

Let’s know a bit about the star performers of my imaginary show:

Anushka Manchandani has a powerful voice and more than that she is a headstrong woman. Self-made and gorgeous in every sense! Her latest song Bezubaan Phir Se is already on the top of the charts.

Allu Arjun is a hot sensation from Telugu Cinema. But, more than that, we know him for his powerful dance moves and magical vibrations that he conveys through his love for dancing.

Okay! So it’s the time to initiate my imaginations and fit Anushka Manchandani and Allu Arjun in a situation, a deadly combo of music and dance will automatically be ready.
Imagination initializing…3.2.1. GO!

Puppets Break Free

To measure power of something, it is very important to challenge it with something even stronger. In my imaginary concert, Anushka Manchandani and Allu Arjun are puppets, tied with invisible ropes. They have to break free those ropes and spread their magic of music and dance.

Why tied down like puppets? Well, the concept is that being humans, we are always occupied with one or the other thing, which keeps us from singing, dancing and celebrating our lives. The consistent boredom turns us into the robotic puppets, which just follow the lame instructions of work and procrastination. This pendulum like existence is so meaningless and music & dance seem like the only way to break the monotony.

Now that we know what keeps us from dancing, we focus on Anushka Manchandani and Allu Arjun to be our lead PROTAGONIST PUPPETS, singing and dancing hard to break free from the lame boredom and bring in some freshness.

As the melodic lass Anushka Manchandani begins to spread her musical aura and Allu Arjun thunders the floor with his prevailing moves, there remains no room for boredom and dullness. Soon you see each and every invisible rope breaking and falling apart and these two puppets transform into humans again! Humans who have warm blood flowing in their veins, the blood heated up by music and dance. This brings the kind of freshness every human being deserves.

And all the viewers watching this magic happening feel the zest to clap, throw their hands up in the air, groove with deadly music and dance combo to allow freshness enter into their bodies and cherish it forever. 

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