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June 12, 2015

My #LiveLodgycal List

Blogadda in association with Renault Lodgy asks me about 5 things I want to take along in a Lodgy drive and it instantly reminds me of those good old days, when social media existed only in the wombs of some brilliant tech minds and scrap books used to be the only ways of leaving some memorable impressions in the lives of your friends. School friends had no ways of staying in touch apart from those few pages of scrap books, where people had mentioned their address, phone no, interests, zodiac, first crush, blah and five things they can’t leave their home without…

Bang on! Now you know why writing this post is so special for me.

Okay! Let’s decide some rules. Following are some common and random things, which are either part of an individual’s intellectual or physical existence or are mandatory physical extensions. So we won’t be listing them into those 5 LODGYCAL things. Clear? No OFFENSE!
·         Cellphone
·         Handbag
·         Food
·         Excitement
·         Random thoughts
·         My beautiful smile *tinggggg*

Okay! Here's my attempt to #LiveLodgycal, che ckout the list Goa!

Camera (Lenses, Camera Bag, Tripod, Charger, Lens Cleaner, Mic and blahh)

Yes. I don't really want to leave my home without my camera, no I can't. Especially when I plan to go in a drive in brand new Renault Lodgy with some of the amazing people, I can't afford to miss capturing those beautiful smiles, those crazy moments and of course the classy interior and gorgeous exterior of the Lodgy.

The gorgeous purple color and rich interiors of this classy Lodgy by Renault are already floating in my mind and I don't want to regret not clicking their pictures.

Playlist-Pink Floyd

How awesome life can be when you are driving a finely designed car with easy and one touch music control with thundering music system. Nothing can beat the magic of Pink Floyd songs in that luxurious Lodgy and those Goa roads. Hah! That explains why I need to carry my playlist along.

My Pet-A Golden Retriever (Borrowed Of course)

I have always fancies about having a little pet pup, a golde  retriever to be precise and driving the car with he sitting on the front seat or may be middle or back seat...ah that reminds me Lodgy is amazingly spacious. Ummm! I can consider having a carton full of kittens too. 

PS: I don't have a pet dog and bag full of kittens right  now :(

PPS: A country where concepts like one day husband are accepted, I don’t think there would be any offense for me adopting (borrowing precisely) a pet for one day.

A leather suitcase 

You cannot even imagine how much I love those vintage suitcases. The ones that are made out of leather. Man! They give you the real sense of travelling. Lodgy looks a sexy car having the ability to leave a trail behind because it's gorgeous features ranging from mileage to engine power and exterior plushness to interior comfort, everything is classy and driving a Lodgy with any suitcase NOT made of leather would be too IllLodgycal.

Bloggers Of course!

Okay! Before you raise your one eyebrow and twist your lips to begin an argument, let me share it with you that I know that bloggers are people not things! But I am being Lodgycal here. In my plan, I am asked to take all those things along on this drive which make me happier and driving with bloggers is one of the most amazing things I have experienced. So I want to take this beautiful experience thing along. That sounds Lodgycal and convincing enough. Hence proved.

 “I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.

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