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June 19, 2015

Rewardme Helps Me to Deal with The Monsoon Mess

Before we go ahead, let me share why did I choose to write about what.

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was caught up with my laptop’s repairing. I was supervising as the engineer from Dell was changing internal hard disk drive of my XPS15. It was a boring day and I almost felt like sitting in a hospital gallery, right in front of the ICU, waiting for my beloved computer to survive this critical operation. Suddenly, it was all black outside, sun was overtaken by powerful clouds and lightening started to clash through to the horrendous skies. First it was all about dark wind blows and then water drops followed. Yes! I was raining! All of a sudden! The trees started to sing along and groove with the winds. I couldn’t resist and jumped out to play with the dust & drops of first rain of the season.

Boy! It was a day!

But, the after effects were shocking. My hair had this uncontrollable frizz that was hard to handle. Being curly beauties, my locks are little too sensitive to anything other than purified water. But, I had presented them to the dirt, dust, smoke and any other impurities that come with first rain of the season. Hah!

Long story short, it took me days and days, spas and hair massages, steaming sessions and serums to bring my hair back to life again. This tragic tale always inspires me to read more and gain knowledge to deal with the MONSOON MESS!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this informative piece of information. You must be wonderful how and why? Read below to discover the answers:

Connects with the reading right from the first sentence

Whoever has written this article about Monsoon hair care tips, has detailed knowledge about the subject. He/she knows that what exactly bad monsoon hair sound like. The writer also knows that what all could be the possible concerns of people seeking help to prevent hair loss, frizzy hair and dandruff during rainy days.

Easy to read: Friendly language

The few flowing language makes it very easy to read. At times, it seems like the writer is directly talking to you. There is nothing like playing with the vocabulary unnecessarily. Hence, you can enjoy free flow reading and get the best solution in least possible time. 

Crisp and to the point

When I open a link that precisely says n-number of tips for hair care, skin care or nail care, anything, I just want it to be truly about those precise points. No elongated discussion, no beating around the bush. I guess many quick readers would agree with me. But, as tough luck has it, most of the time, we don’t find the links as crisp and informative as expected.

I found this article at Rewardme.in about hair care surprisingly meeting my expectations. Precise as it should be, clear and contains concrete information that I often search for about my hair care.

Short, constructive and informative 

In this article, the writer talks about the problem, its root cause, logic behind it and natural solutions to deal with the problem. In most of the cases, everything is described in one or two lines. Therefore, you need to invest less time in getting the desired information. 

Useful and authentic tips

The tips and instructions are simple, easy to follow and authentic. The intake of vitamins and cleaning of hair are the things, which you can use yourself, without requiring any prescription from the hair doctors. The tips are very easy to follow too.

Since the website has crisp and nicely written content about beauty, hair care, health and family etc. it turns out to be an interesting place to explore more about living a better and enriched life everyday. Cheers. 

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.” What's your plan? 

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