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June 22, 2015

Dear forgotten friend

Dear forgotten friend,
Today I saw a girl like you.
For a moment I thought it was you.
I couldn't resist approaching her,
So I ignored the fact that we don't talk anymore!
I walked near her
Made her uncomfortable with my consistant stare...
I knew it wasn't you
But I wished it were you...
Not because I wanted to speak to you or fix what has been broken by us...
But just to say "hey! Long time" and hug you the way we used to do it every other day.
When she turned towards me, I couldn't figure out whether she looked like you or not.
What! Have I forgotten how you looked?
And I am afraid if you too feel the same way...
As the sands of time slip down, even memories don't stay...
So my friend, next time our paths cross,  we might not recognize each other.
But before I sign off I must tell you that the journey from 'knowing you' to 'being strangers again' has been memorable...

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful...yes, it happens many a time na? We forgot long-known friends, but we remember the journey in between... :-)

    BTW, how are you? Visiting your blog after a long time....


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