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Meet the Princess

January 24, 2012

Cold Blood

Everything seemed calm as always
The blood nurturing her was warm
Warm enough to give her a sound sleep
She slept slowly, on the rhythm of the heartbeats
The heartbeats of the God, The lady, Her Mother
In every blow of air reaching her,
She could feel the essence of her Mother’s Happiness
She felt safe inside and trusted that outside will be even safer,
But still she wanted to stay there, inside her mother
The warmth of blood that was nourishing her, was heavenly
She was afraid whether she would get this out there or not
Not someone else but her mother was knowing
That her little princess was everyday growing
Soon she would be out in this world
How would she look, how would she smile
This feeling of nurturing a body inside body was fragile
May be these were the feelings which were flowing in the blood
Warming it to be cozy enough for the little daughter
She loved the warmth and calmness to the core
But one day suddenly, the blood turned freezing cold
The shivering that trapped her body, she could hardly hold
Had something happened to her mother?
Ambushed in the anxious thought she turned inside the womb
The coldness of blood was thickening her
Sighs of pain reaching to her though the blows of her mother’s breaths
Were clear enough to tell that her mother was not fine
She wanted to grow up, stand for her mother & fight to save her
Naïve of her strength she moved hastily inside the womb
The frostiness of the cold blood seemed scrawny in front of her courage
She was sure she would save her mother from this problem
But something abruptly stopped her.. piercing her thin soft membrane
She couldn’t feel the pain, neither had she cried
The thing was warm, but this warmth was alien
Now the cold blood was flowing down the floor & so was she
The cold blood that was her quilt was flown mercilessly
Before she could know that it was not her mother but her, who was in trouble
She died.
Before she could cry for the pain that her poor skin tolerated during her assassination
She died.
Before she could find out who murdered her hardheartedly for what reason
She died.

National Girl Child Day. So what have you decided about the life of your Girl child? Will you be able to let her live in the warmth of love or will it be a cold blood thing written in her fate? 


  1. OMG what is this ?
    how can you write such things,, it took more thn 5 minutes for me to understand and few things still i cant(:P)...
    Great stuff ! astonishing poem :)

  2. It is something that comes straight from my soul..Thanks.. this comment of your means a lot.. Thanks

  3. so nice !! you literally described what pain is ?? hell , the cruelty of killing a life cant be explained much better ... it literally make you get involved n make you feel ... it was like as if we were witnessing a abortion !!

    few lines that touched ..

    The coldness of blood was thickening her
    Sighs of pain reaching to her though the blows of her mother’s breaths
    Were clear enough to tell that her mother was not fine

    Good JOB Priyanka.. there you go ..

  4. Satish,

    Thanks for visiting, Your presence here means a lot and the way you have shared your views it is indeed morale building. Keep Visiting. Thanks :)

  5. Nicely written...and worthy stuff for National Girl Child Day..Usually girl children are killed after they are born as it is now illegal to reveal sex of the foetus. The message is strong and powerful. Keep it up!

  6. Emphatic expression. No doubts about that. Bold. Solid.

  7. Priya..

    Thanks for your visit and the strong remark. yes, revealing sex in the womb is illegal but still the assassination is at its peak.. hope this poem reaches to the people who are the real culprits. thanks Again.

    Keep Visiting. Lots of Hugs

  8. Varun-The Mango Man..

    your comment is straight simple and full of energy and impact..

    Thanks for visiting and i request you to be frequent at my place.. TC

  9. The theme the write up, everything is holding the truth as it should, your words are very expressive..keep it up :)


  10. I dunno what to say..
    U r such a incredible Piyu, expressing the pain is not a simple thing.. but u've done it in such a beautiful way..

    Vysh :)

  11. A straight from the heart work. Loved it. A message that is well conveyed. And an excellent one for National Girl Child Day.

  12. Gautam...
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.. Its indeed a pleasure.. thanks :) Keep visiting

  13. Vyash..
    The feeling of getting postive remarks on my efforts is such an incredible feeling... thanks for sharing your reviews.. Hope to see you frequently on my blog.. Cheers.. :)

  14. Leo Paw...

    Yeah you got it right, it is straigh ftom heart and soul thing.

    m gratful for your presence here.. Thanks a gallon.. :)

  15. I am touched...I think this is the subject i never write about...being the second girl child of my parents, I can feel it from the core of my heart...I always feel I am blessed to have such nice family...

    your words have the power to touch the soul of the subject...epecially the last lines

  16. Shveta, this is indeed a delighful feeling to hear something like this. its great that you have wonderful parents and this shows that you will make a wonderful mother as well..

    even i am blessed too.. :)

    Thanks for being here.. Loved your views..

  17. First, let me thank you for the kind words you left for me on my blog. My gmail should work fine, anyway I will check into it.

    As for the poem you have written for National girl child's day, it is really something heart touching but also very sad. If children could think that would be the exact thoughts going in their mind.

    I was in a dilemma when I had bleeding in the second month of pregnancy. Many told me to abort the child as it may develop complications, I could not. I have a special girl and I love her with my whole being... that is what I have to give to national girl child's day. My own very loved and special girl...

    Hats off to you for holding mirror to the face of those who do not blink before going ahead with this heinous act.

  18. Very eloquent, very precise and very sentimental.


  19. Very nice and touching! loved it!

  20. Farila Maám,

    As this is your first remark on my blog, i welcome you from the core of my heart and thank you for your prompt response.

    Your every word is an inspiration and as i mentioned earleir, you are a wonderful mother and this shows from the kind of courage you had while bringing your lovely baby girl to this earth.

    Thanks for being here.. Respect.


  21. Abha,

    I thanks you for being here and sharing your thoughts, making it reach to the hearts of powerful and independent women was my basic idea, thanks for supporting me into that.

  22. Krishnapriya,

    it is indeed encouraging to see this wonderful remark here.. i welcome you at this place, where your reviews matter a lot.. :)

    cheers :)

  23. Beautifully written. noble gesture.
    keep up the good work. :)

    Would love it if you checked out my blog too. would love your reviews on it. :)

  24. Is it not for this I visit your blog? Astonishingly beautiful poem.



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