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January 1, 2012

So, celebrating big time?

So, the New Year fever is high on every head...even mine too, but the only difference is I am busy in hitting the keys of my laptop and people are busy in banging the floor with their feet and express their enthusiasm to welcome 2012, whom they will be waving goodbyes after a year in the same way but then the attention would be more on the welcome of next year...

Okay why all this? The wishes, the happiness, the resolution formations and all that excitement? Practically what has changed? Only the last digit of your date format? One numeric digit change has made the whole world go crazy.. huh..!! 

Have your work in office changed? Has your principle announced the inaugural of pool-party-lectures instead of routine boring class schedule? Your partner isn’t paining your nerves anymore? Or have the rotten yet not-forgotten moments of past sent you an apology letter to confess their chasing attitude? What is the remarkable difference that this New Year has made in your life, which is worth celebrating?

Now some people may argue that it is a good chance for them to restart their lives and start working on it all over again. Fair enough! You consider 2012 as a life renewal system, but does that help? Are you sure?  If you bet then i have an argument, you did the same last year, and did that work? May be yes for a minor part of population but what about you, ask yourself!!

Now the people who believe that enjoyment is the key to happiness and no one should attempt the foolishness to miss any chance of celebrating and rejoicing occasion may disagree with the points I am trying to make here. But fellas, I am not at all against celebrations. The point is why rejoicing the arrival and departure only, why not every day? 

Why can’t we hold this zeal of celebration in our every new day? The New Year which comes once in a year deserves a grand celebration then why not every new day that knocks your door ever day? Have you ever given a thought to celebrate your every day and rejoice every moment passing by? May be you cannot afford to shake your butt daily on new dance numbers and your pocket may not allow you dine in those “yo-yo” type of restaurants but still you can have a calm and composed attitude to respect every single second that life has gifted you with.

Happiness is something divine which does not need a list of excuses to happen, it is within you. Just look inside your soul and hold it. Start being happy every single second and i wish may this thought be your New Year resolution for this time's celebration.

Happy New Year 2012.

Adieu 2011, you have been a nice companion so far.


  1. yEah..it seems every1 start new year n forget the esential of last year..
    ~I love ur blog~

  2. aulia...

    Its always beautiful when i see the readers appreciating what i write for them... wish you a great year ahead. Stay happy.. :)

  3. Do U know? 1 comment doesnt mean 1 reader...
    1 comment means a representatives from other readers...
    ^_^ keep writin'...

  4. Aww thats so encouraging. I love the way you love my blog.. Hugs :) ^_^

  5. Well written..
    Why can’t we hold this zeal of celebration in our every new day?
    good question :)
    Anyways, have a happy new year ahead !

  6. DeEpAK KaRtHiK ..

    welcome to cerebral rendezvous.. thank you for your remark n wish you the same.. :) keep visiting

  7. As I wrote, "Today is always new" in my blog http://thepitthatfalls.blogspot.com/. The idea should be to capture and live and own as many moments as possible. Life is short and moments are even shorter. At the end of our journey, I should be happy enough to look back and relish these moments before its time. I hope I shall do that.

  8. Tituraj..

    this thought is wonderful.. as i mentioned ear;ier your blog is simple yet appealing. gud to have u here.. keep visiting..tc

  9. Its a new beginning everyday... :) Though one cannot party everyday :P but still everyone likes a fresh start each day.
    It was delightful to read your post.
    Very well written.

  10. samyyyr.. it is indeed a pleasure to have you here... welcome to my place and keep visiting.. Wish you a fresh start each new day.. :)

  11. Gyanban..

    Thanks... even i liked reading your new year post too.. :)

  12. I remember one of my fren's dad say
    "One doesn't celebrate new year, birthdays and so on...it is mourning of a year less to live , of the things we failed to achieve so far, yet we seek happiness, because we don't want to mourn, for happiness is the sickest thing to seek, which we seek everyday."

  13. barunjha..

    i agree with you and that may be something which my this post explains.. m glad u stopped by n shared your views, keep visiting.. :)


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