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January 6, 2012

Chase: Happiness & I

Happiness! The mischievous butterfly
So Soft, colorful and vibrant
Trying hard to engage every single eye
Everyone so eager to chase you
All I can give you is, a dim glimpse & deep sigh
I have tired enough to attempt a chase
I stand still as I have given it enough of try
Your colors still get embossed in my eye-crystals
But I understand I couldn’t reach that high
Your li’l presence at times, reminds me of the days
When I would sit alone, waiting for you and I would cry
I have been a compulsive follower of yours
It is one of the truths that I can not deny 
Though you never even cared to stop and notice
I never had wings like you, so that I could fly
Sometimes I wish you could’ve stopped-by for a moment
It just took too long to know that without you I won’t die
As I have understood that you aren’t meant to last forever
I wish you a great soar, as you have with you, the entire sky 


  1. Nice read, the mood build up is good and the underlying sentiment is nicely etched.

  2. Gyanban,

    welcome to my blog and thanks for your encouraging remark..keep visiting... :) :)

  3. DeEpAK KaRtHiK,

    thanks a bunch.. but why this 420 next to your name.. :) curious to know.. :)


  4. that was a beautiful post :)

    keep writing :)

    take care

  5. ahaan! it was subtle and natural poetic style that got me glued. like this space.
    are we expecting some more of these here? i mean, encore?

  6. Raniyal Niyada

    i ma happy that you stopped by and liked my place.. will check out your place soon.. keep visiting.. :)

  7. Maverick,

    so finally your're here and m glad that you liked it..
    I hope you have plans to conduct frequent visits to my blog-place..

    well, as long as the beautiful confusions bleed inside my mind.. you expect a lot of such stuff on this place..

    thanks for stopping by.. welcome.. :)


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