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June 16, 2011

I wish to color the dead faint rose


It has been ages, since I last time saw you; you have gone, leaving me in the middle. You walked away, you never looked back and you disappeared from my life exactly as morning dew disappears when the sun hits the flower petals.

Life has changed its meaning; those bygone moments are nowhere, it’s only me, standing all alone, holding the dead faint rose that you ever gave to me. I remember when the rose was alive and happily engrafted to its mother; you jumped up the railing to pluck it and I shouted restlessly.

“hey no, no, no..!! don’t pluck else it will die…!!”

And it was too late like always, you had already parted it from the rose-plant. And there you were, on your knees in front of me in the middle of the path, spreading your charming smile and alluring me to kiss your irresistibly inviting lips. I was overwhelmed, blushing and the pure beauty of your love reddened my cheeks, and then you began.

“sweetheart, my love will never let this rose die, accept my love in the form of this rose and I promise I will nurture it forever and will keep it red with the effect of each blood-drop flowing in my nerves.”

Oh my Gosh…!! You’d already taken it all over, the rosiness of that rose and your cute way to propose almost killed me with happiness, I couldn’t say anything and just ran towards you to push myself into your arms.

That moment was divine, that hug was divine and the kiss that we shared was tempting like old sweet wine.

“Look at the beauty of that time; it still makes my words rhyme”

But these little sweet rhymes are not enough to bring you back here; you have chosen your paths and your decision to break all those mild promises is sturdy.
I know you will never ever come back to nurture this dead, faint poor rose, I guess you have forgot everything with time and so should have been done by me, but I failed. I failed to get you out of my mind, I failed to overcome your scent, I failed to defeat those smooth romantic flashes, I failed to escape your memories and I failed to keep this rose alive and red.

But now my heart wants to forgive you and to free myself from the shackles of pain which your love gifted me.

I too deserve happiness and I want to add the blissful colors to my black& white life.

I am holding the faint rose in my hands, the only ‘alive piece’ of your memories and I wish to COLOR it RED. The black pain has taken over my love and has rotten and ruined it. The symbol of this love “that dead-faint rose” which rested in my diary for years, waited you to come and nurture it with your love has decided to hold back forever.

And it’s the time to color the wispy memories which has turned black and white.

I wish to color the dead faint rose.


  1. This is so sadly beautiful. Brought back bitter memories. I pray that you get through this.


  2. The Lover.
    Thanks for being here and getting through something is an abrupt term i wud say, as believe in living everything to the fullest, yeah i live sadness same as i love happiness, coz sadness is beautiful too... :)

  3. nice blog..........:)


  4. Dr. Solanki, thanks for being here and appreciating... keep visiting. your blog is nice too.. will spend some time reading it soon.


  5. sadly beautiful.. and your blog is very colourful.. what a love here, "I LOVE YOU"... Glad I stopped here.. and will my life be colourful

    Someone is Special

  6. Someone is special,
    thanks for being here and spending time, i welcome you to "a touch from my heart"
    loved your post too.. :) so true and simple.
    hope you will keep visitin and sharing the thoughts.
    god bless n smiles :)

  7. Sure.. I too hope the same..

    Someone is Special


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