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June 19, 2011

"I Love you Papa" *HuGs*

Dear Daughter,

I know that your little sharp mind is thinking to its best to make plans to celebrate the day called “father’s day”, because people say that it’s father’s day, your dad’s day.

And taking this into account that it’s my day, so being a father I would like to bring up a few of my feelings on this note:

Before you thank me for being your father, let me share something that is here deep in my heart.

Kid! the day you were born, I became father and from then onwards my each new day was “father’s day”. A father’s day of love, a day of affection, a day of responsibilities, a day of care, a day of question-answers and a day of fatherhood.

Before you say that you are blessed to have me as your father, I would like to express how honored I feel to have you as a caring, sweet and beautiful daughter. Before you begin with the celebrations of today’s day to make it special, I would like to thank you for making my each new day special with your presence.

My little sweet fairy, my princess you have been a fresh flower of my every morning and little angelic star of my  each dark night. No matter you fall back or win in your life you will be my CHAMP forever.

Dear Kid! It’s so sweet to see all of your efforts to make this day special, but I just want to say that, a hug and saying “I love you Papa” will do.


                                                           *HuGs* "I Love you Papa"


  1. Beautiful post. I miss my dad after reading this. :(

  2. This post is really touching ! I miss my dad =( And i love the ambience of your blog - Plz check mine out too - www.anjli2192.blogspot.com

  3. The Lover..

    this remark mattrz a lot.. m glad that it touched your heart.. keep visiting..

    Smiles.. :)

  4. anjLi.. as this is your first visit.. so ur heartiest welcom on my blog. thanks for your lovely remark and thanks for joining in as well.

    visited your blog, intersting and wud like to read it on.. so folowing..

    tc.. keep smiling.

  5. lovely post. I wish my dad was around .

    take care

  6. @Piyu - I lvoe ur posts.. Am reading as well.. So glad to be back in the writer alley ! =D keep going ! And thanks for checking mine out...

  7. Ra!nBoy... welcome to "a touch from my heart" and thanks for this lovely comment.. it really a form of energy.. :)
    keep visiting.. :)

  8. anjLi.. your welcome n will keep visiting your arena frequently.. :)


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