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Meet the Princess

June 28, 2011

Answer me…

May be you will never know, the way my heart bleeds, when I see myself as a cruel heartless person through your eyes. May be you will never know that the day I fell in love with you, I forgot to see myself through my eyes. Will you ever wish to know?

Answer me…

The way my each nerve loves you, doesn’t reach to your heart and each drop of my blood, filled with love for you, is not enough to make you believe that how much I love you, then what is the right way of loving?

Answer me…

When you hurt me with your pointy sharp words, when you blame me unnecessarily, you point out my feelings; you raise doubts for my each beautiful feeling for you. Do I not have the right to feel sad and be silent for a while?

Answer me…

You have always ended up each quarrel making me realize that I have made a mistake, I admitted each time, I silently sat back and waited for you to see the pain behind my eyelashes, but the wait seemed eternal, I am still looking at you with all my hope, will you ever turn back to read my eyes?

Answer me…

Answer me, can you answer any of my questions, do you have any clue the way I am dying inside every little second and may be you will never know that the person you think you are in love with, too has a heart, which may get hurt and injured, will you?

Answer me…


  1. So many questions and unanswered calls,
    yet no answers given at all.

  2. may be few questions are unsaid... :(


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