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Meet the Princess

June 1, 2011

I just love the way my heart Loves you

Love the moment, when you happened in my life for the first time and took over the “whole world of mine” and you became my “whole world” in that only moment.

Love the way you rule my heart all the time, it’s you, your scent that drives me fervent, your absence kills me and a little avid ambition to hold you in my arms gives me strength to survive.

You are my strength, my weakness, my only desire, the fire in which my heart wants to get burnt down, you are the reason of my smile and every little drop falling from my eyes has your essence.

Just love it when you touch my heart with your charisma and take my breath away, love the times when I beg you to stay, just love the joining of my hands when you’re the only reason to pray.

Love the every single stupidity which I do to impress you, love the way I look into your eyes and you trap with your addictive glances, baby! I just love the way you rule my senses.

Love, I just wanna say, I’m madly in love with you.
&  I just love the way my heart Loves you.


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  3. Nice one.. b coz the love is passion of life.. Love u..

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