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March 10, 2015

Hey, Have You Got Change?

Change is delightful, change is innovative and change is the only thing permanent. But, change doesn’t come handy. It takes lot of efforts, energy and promise to fight back against everything that prevents you from changing. There is no fun in being the same, forever! I believe in celebrating change and that’s what keeps me going.

What, you don’t agree with me? Really! Eh! Wait I can prove how important change is.

Piu’s Change Theorem
(Hey Nigga, wondering who's Piu, that's me! Hell Yeah!)

You (Handing over 100 Rs note)- Bhaiya 1 Kg toned milk
Shopkeeper- Chutta Nahi hai kya, madam? (Do you not have change, madam?)
Shopkeeper- Take these candies and don’t forget to bring change next time.
See how important change is! HENCE PROVED

My Change Story
No matter how nicely you prove your point, your parents always believe that you are too little to attempt anything on your own. Yes, they do want to see you grow as an independent individual by standing at your side all the time, of course.
I was always afraid of travelling alone, especially in the state roadways buses, curtsy my loving parents, who never find those khataras suitable for me to travel. Not getting any chance to travel alone slowly turned me paranoid to the idea of taking an emergency road trip alone, in the giant-looking state roadways buses. My head would start spinning every time I tried to imagine me travelling alone by road.
This was a warning sign. My self-confidence was drowning in the sweat my palms would release every time I planned to give a fight back to my solitary travelling plans.

The Change Begins

When the fear starts growing bigger than your strength to deal with it, that’s the moment when you need to ignite more power and self-confidence within you. This was the first time when I decided to travel alone by a bus and surprise my parents to reach home before Diwali.

However, I knew they would be ready to come and pick me up from my hostel gladly for Diwali vacations but I misguided them about the vacation dates. I informed them that vacations will start two days prior than Diwali, whereas actually the vacation calendar had dates blocked for holidays much earlier than the festivals.

I was enthusiastic yet apprehensive too. I was afraid if I board a wrong bus and reach somewhere else. May be this is the first step when you start off the journey to change. I closed my eyes, recalled all the positive thoughts I’d read and heard of till date to gear up my motivation level.

I knew I had to give a strong fight to my fear and embrace the change. Dressed in my favorite jeans and casual Polo T-shirt, I loaded my favorite travel bag on my shoulders (which was tired of lying down on the back seat of my Dad’s car for all these years). Comfy sneakers and joy of walking alone on the road, (travelling alone to be precise) added bounce to my walk!

The Bottom Line

The journey was a bit uncomfortable, loaded with loads of learning experience and of course a milestone to bring a new level of confidence in me. And, not to miss, the joyous and memorable feeling when I surprised my parents to be home days before Diwali.

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Still Hungry?

Do you want to experience the new dimensions of change? Why not watch this wonderful video then?

PS: I love Indiblogger, always have, always will...
PPS: They love me even more.

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