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March 24, 2015

#ChooseToStart Believing in New Promises

Many expert psychologists from around the world say that if something is practiced for 21 days regularly, then it becomes a habit. Interestingly, my father has been practicing the habit of saving money for 21 years.

And my observations strongly suggest that anything that is practiced more than a year becomes an inherent part of your entire personality!

Needless to mention that my beloved father has worked hard to give a brighter and better future to his kids and I firmly believe he is a successful man in this field. He never let me and my brother face shortage of anything. Sole motto of his life was to offer us a comfortable and healthy life, guarded by education at every step.

He obviously sidelined some of his personal demands and desired to save money for our brighter tomorrow. Though, he has always been a stylish and advanced man, who prefers to wear branded clothes and drive a nice car. He happily buys all that classy stuff, like a man! He also loves advanced smartphones with latest technology! But, he thinks that he can manage with a relatively cheaper smartphone.

Every time I and my brother tried to buy him an expensive smartphone, he would argue that he didn’t need that much of technically advanced handset, whereas, we knew that he was an ardent fan of technical developments.

Actually, his constant habit of saving money stops him from purchasing a handset smartphone (which he really likes) because he thinks he is paying a bit extra money for the same. Hence, his satisfaction as a buyer/user goes down.

There is only one method to deal with this: There should be a handset manufacturer, which understands this concern of people and prepares a handset, which is loaded with brilliant and technically advanced features yet has comparatively lesser amount written on the price tag!
Finally MOTO E has been introduced by Motorola, exactly something that I demanded in the above paragraph! So this gives me a valid reason to write this post. Bling-Ting-tiding!!

I want MOTOE 2nd Generation to become my father’s new smartphone, why? Well, Read on!

One, because they say,

This explains commitment of the brand to launch such a product, which offers more features in lesser price. 

The Promise For Improvement...

What matters the most to a customer, when he or she has to decide on his loyalty towards a brand? Well, the customer needs to have faith that the brand cares for the customer, addresses his/her needs and promises to improve. This is something I see here...

Looks and Lot More

My Dad believes that style is of some worth, it it is mingled with comfort. 

So, my preference obviously would be towards buying a phone, which is smart, small in size and yet offers a brilliant screen display. I am happy that Moto E 2nd generation has taken care of this point... 

Cool Back Panels in COLOR!

I am sure Dad would choose the Black & White panel. NOT because he is a big fan of old era, but because he thinks black & white is classy. 

They've Promised Authenticity

When a brand's head engineer comes up and promises something, you've got to believe it. After all, the world works on Hope & Trust. So, I would like to have faith in this promise and would love to see it coming true.

The Brand Specialty

 Okay! How would you feel if you buy a box of chocolates and get one box of that brand's specialty chocolates for free, as a gift, without paying a single penny extra? I think now you can understand how it feels to see this...

And only a software engineer from India can understand what India actually wants... I LIKE IT! 

When a brand makes a promise of excellence through its new product, putting all its energy and efforts, you as a customer, got to believe it and give it a chance. Later, the performance of the product would tell how worth it was to have faith in that particular brand. 

All the research driven and effort driven promises made by Motorola for is new Moto E are convincing enough. And, I wish all of them come true. May be then, I would finally be able to gift a smartphone to my father, which would meet his tech demands, without making him feel that his daughter had paid a bit extra money to buy it for him.

All the best Team Motorola.

This is my official entry for the contest #ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E by Motorola for Moto E in association with Indiblogger.

Find out more at http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

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  1. hmmm..even I wanted to gift this phone to my parents as I already own a smartphone. But the features are good


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