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Meet the Princess

March 3, 2014

Meeting Zayan

‘‘Its amazing how little things can inspire you to do big’’
                                                                                                                ~Of Course Me ‘Punk Head’~ I don’t steal quotes.

Okay back to humble tone!

A day with little wonder Zayan, chubby cheeks, soft like a fur ball and innocent enough to challenge innocence itself. Walking with his mom Sadia Khan, blue jeans, orange-black jacket with a sexy hoody. He looked no less than a stud from Hollywood movies shrunk down in the size of a kid of course!

Too busy in munching chips, he managed to shake hands with me that too without giving a damn to notice my face. This gesture of that little big boy clearly told me that he would use ‘ignore the girl to get her as your girl’ theory once he grows up. Sadia, I am sure you will have to approach some TV channel to organize a realty show for your son-Zayan Dulhaniya Le Jayega aur something to get a perfect bride for your soon.

Picture Courtesy-Shaikh Mohammed Meraj 

Anyways, back to the wonderful day I spent with Zayan (and his mom of course *winks*).

Firstly, I was worried to see him not bothering to talk. But, when he started twisting his tongue, I was sorry for being bothered at all. He was least bothered to wait for answers and just kept bombarding his cutest ever questions on us (Me and Sadia of course). Though, Sadia was familiar to all this, so I had to take all the butterflies in my tummy that his cute talks brought up.

Me and Sadia could barely manage to bitch about random things because of some following cute questions and dialogues by the stud kid Zayan:

Where are we right now?
I am superman…
Are there tigers in the park?
Please click my pictures when I jump.
Can you get the dog dance with me?
Go ahead and click dog’s close up photo.
Wow, squirrel… Please get me one.
Dear Tigers, I won’t kill you, come out, don’t hide.
I want to sit, I don’t want to stand, my bum is not comfortable. (on the rickshaw)
Mom, where is water? I am feeling thirsty, why didn’t you get water
Clouds… woah it will rain now. Let’s open the umbrella.
I am a kid, so I don’t shave. Once I grow up, I will use Gille gel to shave my face.
Food, Food, where is food. I want food.
I will kiss you if you get me icecream, because I love icecream.
Wow, the I-card has my name on it.
I want a prize. Piu, will we win prize?
I want candies; please walk with me to the candy bowl…

I loved the way he posed in front of my camera to get his pictures clicked. He smiled at everyone. He cheered for the prize he got, he was so happy to see little things around. This little kid has an eye to look at the beauty of life. It was a day perfectly spent with Mommy and her charming son.

PS: Sadia, there is no point in discussing about all the nice bitchy discussions we had. Let the secret stay secret. 


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