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Meet the Princess

March 24, 2014

Meeting Cousin Malaysia; Well, Nature is my Sworn Mother!!

Heya All, Couldn't find better quote to begin a travel article :). Indeed to travel is to live. Because those who don't move to new places...simply rot. 

Okay! Let me clear the confusion about TITLE, otherwise one part of your mind will keep behaving like this lovely lady below!

I was exploring about Malaysia and got to read this interesting line "Malaysia is Nature's own child". I mean WOW...Nature has been my Mother always, that makes Malaysia my cousin.. Sounds cheesy.. But its pure logic man...! And yes, since Nature is my 'Sworn' mother...That makes Malaysia my cousin, not real sibling! Phewww!!


Alright enough of relationship counselling. Now let's come to the main topic. What are the 5 things that I would like to do in Malaysia... Wuhuu Goosebumps! The excitement is too aggressive to limit the list ONLY till 5. Trust me, I can tell you more than 30 things in a go, which I would definately like to do when I am in Malaysia...

What, you will faint if you get to read more than 5? Okay, Ahem. Alright I spare you then :)

Before I tell you the 5 things, You need to know why I want to go out on a trip? To Malaysia?**

I feel bad when my Facebook account asks me about my travelling experiences

Let the picture speak for itself

Image source: Google Images
And yes, I hate my Boss! He looks something like this! Or Worst! 

Image Source-maniknratan.tumblr.com
Ok this information makes me perfectly eligible to write a blog post about 5 things you would want to experience in Malaysia! 

** I want to go to Malaysia because Blogadda's this amazing activity might just make me feel the luckiest wanderer on the planet :)

Malaysia Here I come

Well, Malaysia has it all, roaring nightlife, glittery city, richness of Mother Nature, exotic beaches, engaging heritage sights, fun-loaded water sports, casinos and chaotic shopping destinations, WHAT NOT! But, if I have to choose only 5... I will kill all the "wanderlust bugs" and manage to pick following 5:

Diving through Sipadan Island, Sabah

When you are in Malaysia, would you miss the chance of discovering the untouched piece of art underwater? I would love to turn into a Mermaid and dive through the magical and magnificent underwater sights of Sipadan Island.

Hanging Gardens, Barracuda Point and the Turtle Cavern..Awieee reading these names on internet fascinates me to just be there and blow flying kisses to the not-so-friendly water creatures.

Well, I won't mind wreck diving in Redang Island, Terengganu as well*.
Of course I it is sponsored *winks*

Image Source: www.divinginsipadan.com

Caves MammaMia...

When I was a kid, I used to threaten my Mommy that If she didn't get me chocolates or tried to wake me up early in the morning, I would run away  to the caves. I see a chance to turn my dreams into reality. Haha! But this time, she would be more than happy to see me doing this.

Image Source:www.panoramio.com

Batu Caves, Selangor, reading about it on the internet with a pinch of my imagination turns it really fascinating thing to do in Malaysia for someone like me.

Naturally rich Heritage of Langkawi, Kedah

Myths & legend, mystery and natural beauty clubbed together...Woaah! Reading about Langkawi, Kedah gives me a feel of eating clubbed sandwich with extra Mayonnaise. Exciting isn't it. Ah! I am dying to discover natural beauty of this world famous geographical heritage sight in Malaysia.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Kinabalu Park, Sabah

Beautiful species of beasts and plants grip my attention. My mother often says when I stare at those species keenly, with my mouth open and eyes wide (On TV channels like NatGeo, of course), I too look like one of them.

This makes Kinabalu Park, Sabah a must visit place for me. This is where I can get to look at the world from a new height and treasure a lifetime experience in my mind. And, I might find out which species I actually belong to *winks*

Image Source: www.trekearth.com

River trip through Kinabatangan River, Sabah

River safaris has been one of my heartiest fascinations. I have suffered deadly river safar moments in some of my adventurous dreams during the night. What else could be a better option to discover rich and abundant wildlife of Malaysia if not a river trip through the forest-covered floodplain of longest river in Sabah. 

Image Source:www.getyourguide.co.uk

River Kinabatangan, I have got my Chappu Oar ready for the Safari. Look my Way! 

PS: Do I need to mention here that I am going to click pictures like crazy during the entire trip? I think you are smart enough to guess it! Of course, I will need images to flaunt on my facebook, twitter, blogger and Blah!!!

I am participating in the MalaysiaJao Blogathon Contest in association with BlogAdda.com.

To know more about Malaysia tourism, you can visit Official Website of Tourism Malaysia

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  1. Read your post at 2 in the morning... and I must admit it did wake me up. Liked the way you started...! :)

    Arvind Passey

  2. Arvind Passey...Wow.. That surely makes me smile :)


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