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February 6, 2014

Procrastination Confession

Arrrgggghhhhhhhhh! (Do I sound annoyed enough? Alright then, we're good to go)

Well yes! Hell yes! I am annoyed. Annoyed because of my The Procrastination Queen kind of attitude!
Why can’t I be regular on my blog? I have got a lot to do and still not doing it. I am sure you’ve understood that it’s my confession sort of post.

While I was busy dealing with winters, some part of mind was busy creating a backlog list for me! I mean come ON! Can't writers have a usual writer's block just for a chilly month called January!!!

Alright! Here goes the backlog list I need to deal with!

To Do List:

----> Got to continue the Piu Series and GUESS WHAT Poor Piu is still stuck in Party! I got to bring her back to home, so that she can create some blunders and bloopers for you to laugh at.

----> Swimming tales are floating in my mind. I get to splash them out and wet the blog floor for you to slip off and fall into laughter tubs.

----> **And, I really need to tell you all that a loud Siren buzzes inside my head, echoing one sentence- You Have Missed Writing Three Consecutive WOW Posts**

---->  Reading my fellow bloggers posts is one important thing I have been missing for so long (sob sob)

----> What else… Deadlines for contests! They are approaching… And I hide myself in my cozy mink blanket, trying to escape from winter and everything else that it brings along, including blogging! Huh!

I just want to know when will I get over with this BACKLOG FANTASY?

Okay, I’ll try saying it out loud… Hope it works.

Cute Piu… No more Backlog…Just Blog!

(Wow! I am quite good at cheap taglines! What do you think?)

But I just want to confess that I wasn't me..It were the Winters...They Screwed it all! I just Cooperated!

Wait! Do you still think I am making excuses???

Well then i might just get you arrested! Poker Face 


  1. Hehe..I can understand ..it was all because of the winter..
    LOve the pictures Priyanka..especially the first one is awesome ..and they complimented your writing perfectly...

  2. hee hee cute post priyanka...we all go thru the same phase...


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