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April 27, 2015

Live by Moments Cause Days are Long, Years are Short

A blissful morning awaits at the gate
I want to wake up and meditate
Let the positive energies resonate
This is the secret of feeling all time great

The verses mentioned above echo straight from my soul, every night when the rest of the world has fallen asleep and I am still awake, dreaming with my eyes open. I stare at the dark and try to look into the future, with a strong belief that the future is brighter, better and far away from this chaotic city life. I imagine a life, where there is bliss, wind sings to me and there is time to explore the exotic and mythic secrets of Mother Nature. 

#CelebrateLifeAtIvy activity has given me a chance to talk about my ideas of celebrating life. Here's my idea to celebrate life!

A-And beautiful life comes
T-to an

I do not believe in waiting for a day to cherish or celebrate my life. I know if I do the same, it would be too late to live! I want to live and rejoice every moment passing by. Hence, waiting for weekends to have a good time is so old school thing for me. Every day is beautiful and has its own essence. This is what keeps me going. Here is a list of smaller things that bring bigger of happiness to me:

Morning Walk: I take a walk because the morning breeze has some magic in it. My chaotic city looks silent and soothing during early morning walks and I love it.

A wind chime: I have no words to explain how alive and vivid I feel when I hear the wind chime sing along with the wind. The sound is magical and it heals the left, the right and the center of my brain. When I hear that beautiful sound, my troubles vanish and I feel no pain!

The Maa Time: Talking to Maa, discussing stuff that is useless, sharing secrets and fighting over parliamentary debates for no reason is my daily dose. This keeps me going on against all the challenges of life. Talking to ma is like fuel to my entire existence.

Latest update: Yesterday I and mom had debate over multiple layers of earth. No one won!

Being Silly with Friends: You walk out from your house with a plan and then you meet your friend and then there's no plan and then you all make a plan together, which never works and then you decide to stick to the idea of having no plan at all, which itself is a plan and arrgh! Life means madness (planned or unplanned whatever), when you are with creatures called friends. 

Smelling flowers, sand, perfumes, food, soaps, shampoos and blah!

Yes you might declare me weird after reading this one, that's why I have mentioned it at the end OKAY! I love to smell fruits, mint, cake, soap, shampoo and all the beautiful things that smell nice in this world. Ah! That was easy! You can hate me now! Ah! Do I smell something fishy cooking in your head, see I told ya I can smell anything!

Okay I believe that we are deviating from the topic. The idea was to discuss about the things that make big occasions unnecessary and make you enjoy the moment.

Well, most of it it is discussed above, but still here is checklist of few of a things that make big occasions unnecessary and make me enjoy the moment. Here we go!

  • I would prefer to dance in the rain rather than dancing in a club where the ambiance sounds like tubelight of the house has gone crazy and is flickering for no reason.
  • I do not wait for the big fat relative weddings to decorate my body with colorful clothes and jewelry items. Well, I do it quite often for my other in our dressing room and she loves to watch it!
  • I do not need a birthday or anniversary label to bring in a chocolate cake in the house. Indulgence ah!
  • I don't wait for the rain to feel the rainy season. I've got a shower in my bathroom. 
  • I live by moments, because I have experienced this that Days are Long and Years are Short.

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