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May 11, 2015

Don't Spare the Load, Rather Share the Load

Caution!! This is going to be one of those long posts, which might scare you with its length and word count. But, since #sharetheload is one hell of a touchy topic and author of this blog is touched strongly, so this post has to be written in this way.

Okay! Here's a deal, I'll try making it an interesting one!

Been there, seen that!

Image Source-Jokideo.com

Whatever showcases in the picture above is one of the most common sights we would find in Indian society (I have seen this in India only because I never got a chance to travel abroad, sigh!). Anyways! I have seen many times that most of the men take help of their respective wives to get ready while going out, be it ironing of clothes, finding the tie in the closet, cleaning the shoe, finding the comb, the hair oil, underwear and what not! And then, once they are ready, they hover over the head of that poor lady and repeat this question again and again, "Why do you take too long to get ready, we are already late!"

Have we ever wondered why does it happen?

I believe it happens because both the genders or husband and wife to be precise, think and believe that everything, which has been practiced for centuries is right. They are not ready to adopt the changes of the millennium. The ancient ideas of inequality has entered into the basic structure of human gene and hence it is difficult to take it out. There is an urgent need to change the thought process on massive level and inspire people to adopt the change for good and learn to #sharetheload !


Image Source-nickmom.com


Well that explains a lot! Imagine if men start sharing the load of household a bit, how wonderful it would be for women. At least, by doing this men would correct their own thinking about why women require so much time in getting ready because if there's no household, then ladies would prefer to spend an hour or so extra for makeup! 

The philosophy

Men and women are designed to work together, work for each other and fit like a hand in a glove. If the CREATER's idea was not to make both the genders #sharetheload then why both Men and Women are required to bring a New Life to this earth?

If men and women together have the energy and effort to create a new life and nurture it, then why can't the nurture their day to day life by showcasing similar involvement?


In most of the houses, women are treated to be someone, who is always responsible for household task, no matter what. Even if she is working, earns equal amount of money and has her own ambitions in life, she needs to do the basics of households, such as cooking, doing dishes, laundry and mopping the floor. 

Okay! Yes, one should never run away from the idea of doing household task, rather one should be proud of doing all this, being a human, one should feel privileged to get this opportunity of having a house plus household work. 

BUT the concept should be applicable on both Men and Women. No lady in the house should be treated as a permanent maid for doing all the household work. 

Household work should be a mutual effort, done by both and they should enjoy it, as much as they enjoy making love! 

Take the test

See where do you fit? Do you spare the load or #sharetheload ?

Well, Do you have a “HOME MAID”?
Yes, you love and respect each other enough to #sharetheload together. Whatever comes in, you deal with it together-Be it LONG-DRIVE or LAUNDRY!

You fight because you think it’s your right! You fight because you’ve got free time and you want to make the most of it.

When you fight, no one wins. No one loses either. For you fights are also a TEAM-WORK.

You believe she is your HOME; she believes you are her HOME! Smile because together, you have MADE IT!

The last one is simple-You share the load of household work!
You point fingers at each-other, quite often! When it comes to #sharetheload, to both of you, it seems like NO FUN.

You fight because you think you are a SPARTA or something and you are born for it. You fight because you carry grudges somewhere in your existence.

You fight to win-Sometimes you win, sometimes your spouse, but actually you both LOSE!

You think she is your MAID
She wishes if you were her MAID
So, you’re basically not focusing on building a home, but rather on finding a MAID!
No you don’t!

When you share the load, you unfold few of the most amazing benefits for a lifetime. Such as:
  • You feel good and so does your partner.
  • Your kids learn the best policy in life, which is equality.
  • You lay down a foundation of GENDER EQUALITY in your home.
  • You deliver a message to the generations that men and women are meant to #sharetheload together, happily.
Ariel invites you to share the load and it doesn't say that you should only share the load while doing laundry...It just says that start with laundry because the awesome Ariel Matic would make it easy for beginners like you and give you enough courage to start with more #sharetheload initiatives. 

So what are you waiting for? Even Spiderman shares the laundry load with her wifey!

Image Source-Detailsinn.com

“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at BlogAdda.com in association withAriel.”

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