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Meet the Princess

October 7, 2013


I often see her, transforming into someone else. The lady, who didn’t like changes, is now transforming. Is it for her good? Or her bad? Or life’s take. Every day she tries to be a better person, a better earner a careful individual and a lot more. She has a job to handle, a complicated side of life to deal with and of course the long sleepless nights and early morning wakeup fights.

She doesn’t check her blog often, finds out excuses to avoid writing on it. She doesn’t even read the archives of her own blog. Why? No time? Then where does her all time go? She isn’t married, has no kids to take care of and of course no friends to go out with.

Well, its tough to find out. She hits in office for 9 hours, doing something that doesn’t belong to her or sitting idle. Sometimes, she plans that how can she bring her life back on track. She tries to dig out around just to know that what makes her happy. But the threads of mind are too entangled to get answers so easily.

Bad experiences, betrayals and painful goodbyes, everything is deep buried. She knows that the answers lie there but she has no time to dig it. And, even if she digs it out, she knows that a betrayal is a betrayal by any means. And, the betrayer is always a betrayer, no second chance can help him/her to get out of this infection. So, she carefully chooses to escape all this and mend her mind towards cooking, watching some stupid TV shows and attending office, unwantedly.

I stand wondering while looking at her, Is life all about escape? 


  1. Good that you came back. I'll read it in the evening :-)

  2. I wish she starts writing again. Beautifully written and a nice click :)

    Someone is Special

  3. Life is not about escape. It's about celebration. One must carry a spirit of adventure and child like curiosity within :-)

    cheers for coming back


  4. We can never escape, instead we got to embrace what life has to offer. sooner or later, things always turn out fine.

  5. Hi piyu..nice to see u write again. mmmm.. u really fall deeply in writing "escape", like u are in the way "she" feels that way. :))

  6. Nice to see you write again. U write "escepe" so deep..just like you feel the way "she" feels to escape. :))


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