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Meet the Princess

October 18, 2013

Endless Fight

In middle of the night
I wake up in fright 
Startling in my bed
My palms turning red 
Then I exhale, a poignant sigh 
It’s the moment, my heart doesn’t lie
I silently turn towards the clock
The round structure, too busy in ticking-tock
Surrendering to the storm moving beneath my skin
I let my long suppressed desires win 
Tiptoeing like a thief, I break down into my own closet
Digging down for the abandoned box, I often try to forget
As I touch it, my heartbeat grows wild
Freezing my whole body in a jiffy, turning my heart all mild
I close my eyes before opening the box 
Charmed by your reminiscences, I give up to my heart's playful hoax
Shedding tears all night over the picture you are smiling in
Sleep hits my swollen eyelashes and in the picture, you still grin 
Rising up the next morning, I pretend to be unaware of whatever happened last night 
I am not sure when will I get over with this endless fight!


  1. Beautiful piece of poetry and the style of your writing is impressive.

  2. You will get over with this endless fight soon :-P


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