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Meet the Princess

November 11, 2013

The Backyard

“Come HERE…Shhh… don’t make noise…”
“But where are we going…”
“In the backside of my house…”
“Nooo, its icy out there…”
“Don’t worry, my heart is on fire, so my hug will keep you warm”
“I hate it when you 'grin and wink' together”
“Ahh.. then you must love it when I 'kiss and cuddle' together”
“Arrgghh.. Stop being naughty”
“Your blushes seduce my naughty nerve fibers”
“You are mmm immm.. possible mmmm”
“And you are mild…mmm… & exotic… mmm & the perfect thing to be with in the backyard”

Lips entangled completely…. No scope for a single word to escape from our mouths.

“I love this place, its perfect place to kiss….because no one comes in the backyard” Your roaring husky voice breaks in the silence. I startle to put my finger on your lips and lower your tone.

The dread silence of night fears me. Your voice is lost… You are nowhere… I am stunned. I cannot figure out what’s happening and suddenly a wave of pain breaks my illusion. And, the difference between memories and reality is erased.

And now my deaden whisper breaks in the dreadful silence, “I love this place, it’s a perfect place to cry because no one comes in the backyard… Not even you.”


  1. Memories always follow us, and the tears come along with it, but we also have the smiles that those memories bring :-)

  2. Yeah...Only beautiful memories can bring tears and smiles together :) Thanks

  3. ".........no one comes in the backyard… Not even you." The pathos in the lines is heartbreaking... very few people can accurately cast their emotions into a sculpture of words, you are one of them...

  4. Kulveer Ji... Thanks for stopping by.. You picked the exact line, which according to me was the lifeline of this entire post. Thanks for encouragement :)

  5. Beautiful post. I'm still haunted by this last few lines


  6. unexpected ending :) but memories are meant to be cherished :)
    over all great post loved the start

    keep blogging:)


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