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November 24, 2012

Disappointment, what else?

The last stone of miles that Yash Chopra traveled in Bollywood industry aka ‘Jab tak hai Jaan’ couldn’t turn itself into a milestone to be remembered forever. I would not say the film failed to create a buzz, I would rather say, this film didn’t even attempt to do the same. Discuss about pre-release agenda or post release, the only thing that appeared common was, the people associated with this film only kept talking about profit it would make and it made respectively.

How insecure the producers and actors were, they only wanted to showcase the world that they dared to make a big budget film and somehow managed to get the fair returns on the same.

jab tak hai jaan movie review

It was so funny to see Komal Natha’s box-office report on etc channel, in which, he was constantly convincing the audiences that (Kulmila k) all in all the film has covered its expenses really well and created a good profit share, which shows, it is a successful film. Interestingly, he counted all the major options of getting returns back on the investment made by YRF, be it DVD selling rights, broadcasting rights, international tourism rights and blah blah.

Since the time film released, all the news channels and other entertainment channels were talking about the total earning this film is making and whether Son of Sardar is leading in making the profit share big or Jab tak hai Jaan. I mean what is this? Were these film produced to race with each other for profit? If yes then why the hell they were showcased to poor audiences? Or may be audiences were the meters to count the profit share and finalize the leader. What else such collaborative nonsense can bring to the world, if not Disappointment?

Where the hell is any discussion about story, screenplay, work of actors and other rest of things, which a normal audience looks forward to, when a new film hits the silver screen? Here the discussion is not about how the film worked or how the story was, what troubles me is the way it is just being limited till profit making. This insecure series of discussions has ashamed everyone, who ever believed that cinema is reflection of art, first and then a source of earning. Yash Chopra’s last creation failed to make it big and prevented the final stepping stone to become milestone.

PS: The post wasn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feeling; it’s just a clear observation, which needed to be constructed in words.


  1. Lovely post and pertinent questions!It sounds like paid media to me.

    It was a sad and disappointing film for Shah rukh khan's fans.
    He needs to do roles meant for his age now, and stop doing such silly movies anymore. We are tired.

  2. Pattu Raj

    Yeah i agree. the last time i liked Him was "Chak De India"

    By the way, thanks for being here.. Hope you liked my blog..



  3. Totally agree with you. Unfortunately, today movies have become more or less like any other commodity in the market. Gone are the days when we just spoke about the acting, direction etc. Haan, aaj bhi woh baatein hoti hain, but the thing making the headlines will usually be with the '100 crore business' tag attached to it.

    Very nice, someone has spoken their mind after all. Good post. :)

  4. Phatichar..
    (I must say, typing ur username brings smile on my face..:D )

    I hope and wish those days of Golden Indian Cinema will be back. sooner or later... :)

    PS: I hope u subscribed to follow-up comments :)

    Thanks for your quick visit.


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