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July 10, 2015

No Crash Dieting: Eat Clean Train Mean

The idea of dieting needs to be healthy eating. It is all about eating right and eating clean. You need not to fall in the trap of the thing called Crash Dieting. It is not at all a good idea, neither for your body/skin, nor for your mind/soul.

Before you begin to think of the term dieting, you should be ready to read a lot about the nutrition methods and right kinds of food that you should eat. Human body is designed to consume healthy carbs, protein, minerals, vitamins and fat etc. You cannot deny anything to your body that it really deserves. However, balancing the portion aka amount of eating any of these components is your duty. You cannot end up eating carbs and fat loaded food all the day just because you like it. You need to have a balanced diet, which not only turns your body healthier than before, but also makes your skin glow. 

The perfect combo

The idea of perfect combination for leading a healthy lifestyle includes having a perfect mix of eating and workout in your routine life. If you do exercises without fail and eat healthy food then nothing can stop you from being healthy and leading a lifestyle, which you truly deserve. 

It has been proved and certified by health and nutrition experts that people, who do basic cardio, little bit of strength training and eat healthy and nutritious food then they definitely get strong muscles, better metabolism, sculpted body and younger looking skin. 

What exactly is eating right?

Okay! Okay! Yes, you have read the term Eating Right multiple times up there and now you really want to know that what exactly Eating Right means? Well, it is nothing but replacing the junk and unhealthy food with healthier, better and tastier options. How? Read below:

Replace Sugar with Honey. Yes body requires glucose, so give it only that it requires. Giving it extra sugar in the wake of making your tongue's taste better might cause you big harm. Unused sugar transforms into unhealthy or harmful compound for your body. Honey diet will add awesomeness to your life for sure

Replace junk with oats, fruits and salad: Junk food might sound interesting to the tongue but it causes a lot of trouble to your entire body. It is an unnecessary load for your digestion system and disturbs the entire setup of your body. 

Eat right food at the right time: Now that you know what is right food, you should choose the right time for eating too. If you want a healthy, fit and lean body, you cannot eat in the odd hours. Have your dinner before 8 or maximum 9. Stop mid night munching and yes never skip on the breakfast. Try to include healthier elements in your meals. Always have 4-5 meals in a Day, including Mid-day snacks and evening snacks. Hey, snacking doesn't mean the fried stuff or random junk. Choose healthy options and celebrate being fit. 

Say No No to Crash Dieting

If you think of getting fat free in few days and you begin to starve your body like anything, then it might help you in losing some pounds but that would definitely not the fat but the muscles. Losing the muscles is the most painful thing one can experience. It will make you look older and the charm of your skin will go away.

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Cheers Indiblogger

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