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June 23, 2014

Inspired to save trees :)

Okay, I am little late to write about my role model thing…But, still I am here with my post…Thanks to a very famous saying “Its better late than never” Hah! What a relief!

Who’s my role model? Hmmm… Daddy! Brother! Mom, my Best Friend…Actually my entire extended family teaches me to do good every day. But talking about my own family for all the good they have taught me…won’t that be narcissism? I mean come on! Everyone is lucky enough to have a wonderful family and friend circle to guide them… So, I better decided to not act partial by giving all good grades to my own family members and write about some people who don’t have any blood or heart-to-heart relationship with me…but still inspire me to do good and be a better person every day!

As I sometimes manage to go out for morning walk, I am totally amazed to see this old man, who walks slowly, stands by every tree coming his way and hugs it gently. I have seen him every time I manage to go to the park early in the morning and he is always there, sharing love and hugs with trees. He is never late, he never misses the routine.

I remember when for the first time I was told that trees are live like human beings. They just don’t move…but they breathe like us. They are made for betterment of humans and its because of trees that we can breathe in fresh air…I was amazed when I heard all this for the first time but now it is so beautiful seeing someone really believing it. Trees are alive and they live for us…don’t they deserve our love? Don’t they deserve love, care and at least a hug every day?

This amazing old man gives beautiful message to everyone walking across the park. Some notice it, some don’t…But how does it matter as long as the trees are getting their daily dose of love and hugs.
I have never hurt environment and trees in any manner. But, never took out extra time to care for them either. Now that I have got a role model, who every day teaches me to take out some moments of leisure and spend them with trees and plants; I am all set to do this.

PS: I have no plans to hug trees as of now, but I do have plans to show love and care towards them by watering them and planting a few new :)

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  1. What a kind old man. I remember seeing an old man during my morning walks who would always give food to stray dogs. The dogs loved him and looked forward to him every morning, and he would be there on time!


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