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May 9, 2014

What? Google @ 99

What, Google’s on sale!

Driving across the road, when I glanced at something unbelievable to eyes, I was heartbroken.  The little counter by the road read-“Google @ 99”.

Why would Google do this…Sob Sob! My email Ids are there, my blogs are there and guess what I had also started using Google Plus.

Wait, but why Google would sell itself with such cheap auction and that too by the road? I understand that big companies do see a downfall, but like this? Selling itself for just 99 Indian Rupees and that too on a ठेला?
But, as soon as I came out of the shock and widened my eyeballs to really find out the additional…I noticed a bunch of Goggles arranged neatly on the ठेला.

Psheww! So the guy who owned that ठेला surely meant Goggles @ 99 & 199 Rs. Wow… I just hope Google Officials didn’t get to see this, otherwise some of them must have had instant heart attack!


  1. hahahaahhahah while I walk back from work, I see a tiny shack hotel named 'GOOGLE' serving only dosa, vada and tea...hahaha

  2. its funny u even thot google could sell for 99 bucks!! lol!!

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha its very funny yaar.....Himalaya Pride


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