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Meet the Princess

August 9, 2011

On your birthday

Dear Kid,

Since the day you were born, I have experienced a slice of my existence growing in you. When I look at you, growing everyday, moving ahead in your life, unfolding each day with happiness and accepting each thing coming through with faith as a gift of Lord. In you, I see a beautiful woman that I ever dreamt to be. In you I see a spark to accomplish my dreams that I have carried half of the way and rest of them I have left for you, as a responsibility. I know I can keep writing millions of pages on your birthday to tell you what you are for me, but I have a better line to say.

“You are the one who will carry me across the generation by carrying my teaching and feelings in your existence. You will complete me and make me alive in this world, even when I will not be here. I love you my daughter. I am proud to be your MOTHER”


My princess,

You are the most precious thing I have ever achieved. You are the only dream of my eyes, which I nurture every time. I know you will fly in the skies of success and on your birthday, I want to tell you that whether you become a successful person in your profession or not (oh1 I know baby you definitely will), but you will be a successful daughter ever, and you are a sweetheart. You are the dream of my eyes that makes me smile and on the day you were born, I received the most beautiful gift ever and on your each birthday, I realize that this beautiful gift is forever mine.

“Love you my beautiful and shining dream.”



My doll,

Do you know why I call you a doll, because the day you were born, I got a doll, which had beautiful curly hair and shiney black eyes and an everlasting battery that made you walk, talk, smile, blink those beautiful starry eyeballs. You were my favorite toy to play with and I hugged the whole world by hugging you. You have always been the one who were sent on the earth to tie a beautiful knot on my hand on the day of “Rakhi” and make me realize that I am not alone on that day. For me you are a beautiful doll, my little sis, who cares for me, joins hands and does prayers for me, you are the one who has made me realize that I am big and responsible.

“Love you my little doll, my all wishes are for you, forever, my little pride”



On my birthday, I wanna thank God for blessing me with Mom, Dad and Bro. there could never have been any beautiful gift than this. Dear God thanks for blessing me with such a wonderful gift.
Love Mother, Father and Brother.



  1. aulia_elf ... thans dear.. :) :) ur presence made me happy.. :)

  2. pinks this 1 ws amazing n quiet inovative as u did it in forms of letters...n words were straight frm d hrt..i suprlyk it..:):)

  3. myesterious...

    neer.. ahwww thats a real sweet remark n ur these words really mean a lot to me n my writing.. love u n thnks for being here.. :) hugs..


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