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Meet the Princess

July 16, 2011

I wish you to be here

Awhh this soothing breeze and moonlight melting from the sky

This creates perfect aura to make love or to miss someone and cry

I wish to capture the stars in my eyeballs, the way they appear

The sweetened night is passing by slowly; baby I wish you to be here

I am lying down on the edge of the mysteriously calm seashore

Remember the way I would surrender to you and you would adore?

The eyes have started shedding the salty rain, come wipe the tiny tear

Ouch the tiny drop has reached till my lips, baby I wish you to be here

My eyeballs hold an impression of u exactly as ocean holds of moon

The heartbeats have gone crazy now, I can hardly wait, come soon

I am all afraid of lonesomeness, come hold me and vanish my fear

Just to show you the moon behind my eyelashes, baby I wish you to be here

Taking a deep breath and engraving these verses on my heartland is all I do

The night is calm and I wanna scream out loud, “baby I can’t live without you”

Hold me when I scream, seal my lips and whisper your love smoothly in my ear

I wanna melt down in your arms like the moonlight, baby I wish you to be here


  1. SuB..
    Thanks for all your good-wishes… hope u liked the post.. 

  2. I luv the way U descibe ur feelin'..amazin xx

  3. aulia_elf..
    welcome to "a touch from my heart"

    thanks for being here and thanks for your positive remark.. :) :)


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