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August 6, 2014

Hollowness..What else?


Shouldn't the question be, will you marry a monster, who raped that girl? Will you ever talk to him, stand by him or even attend his wedding celebration? 

Or shouldn't the question be, will you marry a girl, who had car accident? A girl who fell down from the staircase accidently? Isn't rape an accident with the woman, who goes through it?

I don't understand why a girl, who has once encountered the rape accident is tagged 'raped' for lifetime? Doesn't she have the right to start afresh?

Why can't a raped girl in our society can be treated as normal patient? Why is she seen as poor victim, who would have died right after the rape, because she doesn't deserve to be alive anymore! She doesn't deserve to live a normal life, get married, pursue her life like she used to do before the so called rape tragedy happened...Why?

I personally believe it is important for us to change our mindset! IIt is not the raped girl, who should be questioned, get some guts and ask all the nonsense from the monster who has done this!!! 


  1. I second you. This was really really thoughtful. And that interview makes no sense.

    1. I am glad we think alike on such a burning issue :)


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