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Meet the Princess

September 4, 2011

set my soul free

I am dead and cold, travelling on a terrible lane
The fear of losing you forever is driving me insane
The coating on my soul is flanking off, every single day
Cut down my nerves and save me from this dreadful decay
The assassination of my emotions has squelched the little life in me
I had seen enough of suffering in your love, please set my soul free  

The way soreness has sucked my soul, has really been heartless 
The bloodsheds are still embossed on the dead heart that I possess
I hide behind the frail gasps; because I am too weak to face the stress
Come touch the lifeless body of mine, feel what I live with- a void frigidness
I stand frozen listening to the silence of my soul that synchs with restless yet calm sea
The trembling silence of my painful groans cries out loud to say, please set my soul free    


  1. I sense realism in this post. I would like to say just let it go. Not everything in life turns out like the way we want them to be. So even if it might be the most painful thing to do, let it go.

  2. I hate soreness when associated with love. Very well written. Will read more soon :)

  3. The DreamER..
    i dunno how should i react about ur statement. yeah moving on is the toughest thing to do.. but sometimes its the only choice we r left wid..

    gud to c ur comment..keep sharing ur views.. :)

  4. GvSparx - Inspiring Lives..

    well i'l like to say... dnt speak of hate wen talking bout love.. its near impossible though..

    keep sharing ur valuable reviews.. :)

  5. only you have the power to set your soul free...

    nice post

  6. SUB...
    so gud to see you here after a long time.. been busy???
    thanks a lot n i agree with your statement.. :)

  7. @P!yu: Ohh yes it is real tough, very tough. For me it's been 2 years and I am still to get out of it. But still I am trying. That's the main idea I guess, to survive. To fall is not to fail, but to forget to rise is..death.. Take care..sorry for the late reply :)

  8. The DreamER..
    being late is not anything u shud be sorry for... keep vistin becz the presence of readers like u.. my blog feels live...
    yeah u r ryt.." To fall is not to fail, but to forget to rise is..death"
    thanks for sharing beautiful lines.. :)

  9. Pain is a vortex in the ocean of life. Swim against the tide for the soul to be free, and yet it sucks you in. You swim through it and you come out into the calm ocean.


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